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So there was I minding my own business when this Ranchero with a huge lift does the flyby. Then further down the road he does another while merging in front. By this point I am getting interested, kinda laughing internally cause I know I can smoke him.

He proceeds to fly in front of me to make the same right turn and merge in from from two lanes over. Now I am pissed. I pull behind him after making the turn and gunnit to catch up to him, he had gunned it after turning right in front of me. So I catch up to him and keep on his window for a few then pull in front of him till the speed limit.

About a mile down the road light turns red he pulls up next to me and starts revving his engine and smoking the tires waiting for the light to turn green.

By this point I am like alright lets go. I start revving to about 4k just like the track and completely smoke him to the speed limit. By this point he does not even bother to try to catch up since I think I embarrassed him.

GO VQ40!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smt041 :smt041

I love my truck :smt004

Maine 6-spd CC

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since traction is about friction, why would you want to be smoking your tires waiting to launch? (if they're smoking, they're slipping, not only that, street tires are not like drag radials, they dont get sticky when you do a burnout). obviously the guy was a chump.

And what balage careful with diesels...some of them can lay down some serious power.


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Yo don't start off screetchingyour tires, you spin the tires to warm them up to give you better traction.