Fish Tank


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Thejudge said:
anyone deal with fish tanks much?i have 3 now and am trying to figure out what i wanna do with my 45 gallon. kinda looking for some pics of em to get a idea. can ya guys help? so far i got a 75 gallon with 5 albino african cichlids and 2 tiger oscar's and a 10 gallon fixed up nice that i use for feeder fish for the oscars. just kinda lookin for a idea on my 3rd one if ya guys can help lol
The standard size of fish tank for cichlids and tiger oscar is ranges from 75 to 90 gallon. There is need of proper protection to avoid the incidents among different kinds of fish in same tank.


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I had a pond once, but got tired of the hassles. I never did fish tanks because they are too labor intensive for me. Sorry I can't help you.