down goes x runner


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went for a ride with my gf before bedtime to unwind from a long day and as im driving i pass by an x runner waiting at a light, i get to the next light and he had already caught up to me,it was red and had a retarted looking dodge daytona wing on it, he reved his engine and inched up, i put my truck in 1st held the clutch down i saw the light change from green to yellow to red on the other side slowly let my foot off the clutch and smoothly launched i jumped ahead it in 1st fell behind has i shifted into 2nd and started pulling on him untill i past him shifted into 3rd and stayed about hald car in front of him, we came to the next light and i broke the news to him that i was a 4x4 :smt036
Outstanding... good thing there wasnt a cop sitting at the next light! You could have explained to HIM you were in 4 wheel drive also!
I never understand why auto forums have a section for "kill stories"... We have had 6 race related fatalities in San Diego County since January 1st. THOSE are the real KILL stories!


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I do appreciate a good Kill Story, just reinforces why I bought this truck in the first place, and why the mods are on. As for the race related fatalities, that's tragic, for the racers and the families. Things were cleaner and more simple in the 50's and 60's when Street Racing was a hobby entertained way after dark, well away from the public who were well tucked into their beds when the real racing happened.
Those of us from my generation learned how drive from go-karts to GT 350 Mustangs, learned how to 4 wheel drift and when to touch the throttle, and when not to touch the brakes, that is why we and many others are alive today.
The Gen X and y and beyond will have to learn their chops from the Bondurant schools and the like before they attempt even to pass a semi on a two lane highway somewhere.
I do have great admiration however for the Gen of younger drivers who are now learning and polishing the skills of polished driving, they will not earn highway tombstones with their names and pictures on them and get to pilot rides like the GT-R and beyond. Keep the Kill stories coming, and stay alive doing it.