Catalytic Converter on a KA24DE


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Well I'm new here and this forum seemed to more booming than others. Well on my 03 Nissan Frontier I have hollowed out the second catalytic converter since it is pretty useless as both O2 sensors are before this one. But on my manifold their is another cat, and my main question is since a rough 97 240sx has the same engine could i use a 4-2-1 header and run the exhaust from that? Since no one sells headers for the truck version of the KA motor, and my cat is falling apart and the dust from it is going to my egr and throwing my O2 sensors codes and egr codes. I would also run O2 sensor simulators to help with them. Been doing a little research to see what would be the best option about going this route, and need some help from this. I work at a parts store and have contacted the Dealer and they want 450 for a new manifold with the cat. But I know if I run an OE manifold it will be help but i would lose some missed HP. IF anyone has tried this please let me know.. Thank you