CAI - Cold Air Intake Frontier 2005+ List


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I have the Series 77 CAI Kit
Bought it from for $262 shipped
Installation was very easy the hardest part was installing the gasket around the filter box. It looks great and sound incredible. Gains were noticeable immediately. Below are pics of it freshly installed and after a trip to the Ocala National Forest

Here is a video at the dyno:


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Heres my Airaid with AEM Dryflow and Volant mod.

I lost lowend when installed but gained much highend. I simulated the volant and closed off the top and all sides except the front and wheel.

Lowend came back and didnt loose the extra high.

Love this especially how cheap it was. I would give it 9/10 with my mod.


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Zero Six LE said:
I have the Injen polished version. I originally ordered a Volant but changed my mind and returned it.

I have the same thing, the injen powerflo. I love it. quiet when you want it to be and snarly if your trying to scare the person that just cut you off and the window is open.... :smt013

If people are wondering what the black PVC box is? Here is my own personal definition:

The collector box reduces the amount of vacuum needed for air to flow correctly allowing the PVC system to cycle.

As far as I know allows fresh air into the engine block from that collector through the valve cover. The pvc outlet, through vacuum at the throttle plate. This returns the unburned fuel vapors from the crankcase and runs the vapors back to the cylinder to be fired again thus burning more efficiently and reducing emissions.

Block it off and your idle will creep to a little under 500rpm, create oil starvation and create vacuum in the block.(I have tried this) not a good idea to run the engine at any length under this condition, bad for the grindy stuff.

This is my guess I don't really know...please reffer to the OE technical manual for a more non-off-the-cuff understanding :smt017