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O.K., so I bought a new truck in December. Was giving a choice between a $20,500 5sp. Manual with Bluetooth and a sunglass holder, or an Automatic that was 19 and change with no available options. After the road test the answer was simple. That no option Auto was long for this world, absolutely noooo pick-up when the hammer was down.

Aside getting my new truck, I now have stuff I want to do to it. Like get rid of the crappy bluetooth stereo! So I went to BestBuy to see what they had available, and with a budget of $250.00... Bought a JVC Bluetooth media center. So with that out of the way I then realized that I can buy any stereo adapter for any Nissan, 98 and older. So off to the web I go, where I told myself, use the card. This kept the little lady off my back, because she didn't know about it!

I then went to Wallyworld's website and got the antenna adapter, stereo harness adapter and faceplate for 26 dollars. Then off to Parts Express for a 250w RMS (600 max) Boss Riot amp and a PYLE Blue Wave 10" DVC sub with enclosure (100wx2 RMS 500wx2 MAX) and an enclosure 118.00 roughly. So with wiring kit I blew my budget with 259.00 and I still need speaker wire and screws, all in all not bad.

I would like to see you guys installs as I will be doing a tutorial that will keep the stock location for the mic, and if I can figure out how, keep the factory mic. I have a few things up my sleeves :). Lots of pics and and wiring tips to keep it neat and tidy. I'm always open to everyones ideas to so don't hesitate to share. I will try to do my install this Saturday April 5th, weather co-operating! :):):)


Unfortunately, I bought my Alpine a few years before the blue tooth receivers became main stream.
I did get my daughter a Pioneer with Bluetooth. I like the functionality, but prefer the sound quality of my Alpine.
My old 1999ish Pioneer in my Jeep quit playing CDs a few years ago, so I am am contemplating an Alpine DVD receiver for the truck and putting the older Alpine in the Jeep.

As far as the rest of each system:
* Frontier - 6.5 Alpine Type R components in the front, 6.5 Alpine Type R 3-way in the rear. Waiting for installation-RF PBR 300X4 for the front and rear, RF P3 shallow 10" sub with MTX amp
* Jeep - Pioneer 4X6 front, Pioneer 5.5 3-way rear, RF P3 12" sub with MTX amp
* Daughter's Xterra - Pioneer HU, RF P3 12" sub with Alpine M500 amp


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Sounds good, I like Polk Audio (More affordable) and rock the house. Looking to get 2 sets and building a speaker plate to adapt them to the doors. But that will be later down the road when I find a new 4 channel amp from Crunch. I also will be replacing the sub down the road with a Earthquake Tremor-X10. But for now it's a budget install to get rid of this stupid stereo Nissan put together.


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Kenwood Excelon DDX790, Kenwood Excelon KFC-XP184c front, and Kenwood Excelon KFC-X173; not 100% I'm remembering the speaker models correctly.


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Well, this is embarrassing. It appears I got the wrong face plate for my truck (2005 up) Didn't know that a change took place in 2009, and apparently in 2013 the Frontier S has a single center faceplate integrated with vents. No center section that will remove. Anyone have this problem, and short of making a new faceplate I am stoked! It seems no one is making a stereo installation kit. Well I may have to use a piece of steel or wood and use the original stereo brackets to make this one work.


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O.K., after more research. I call Vehicle Vibes in Hyannis, MA and finally someone was able to direct me to one of only two places currently offering a stereo installation kit for 2013/14 model S Frontiers. The installer at BestBuy didn't say they could even get them ordered! Metra part #95-7619 for double din or part#99-7619 for single din. You can order from Newegg with free shipping. Boo Yeah, GYSOT!