Brand New Shrocks Radiator For Sale

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NXTR2-SKID-FRNT-01A Gen2 Front Radiator Skid Plate Xterra & Frontier Options: Finish: Bare Steel

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Thank you for your purchase!

I washed, primed, and painted (graphite) the skid plate. Have not yet to put it on. Was and still am planning on installing the skid plate if their are no takers out there.

I will not ship. I'll be in southern california soon and hopefully passing through san francisco area up to nor cal.

My asking price will be $159.00

If you need to see pictures, pm me or reply to this thread.

Btwn, i'll be driving I-15 down to california. So if you live in utah or nevada, hit me up if your interested in the skid plate. ... 16178.html


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That's cool. I decided to use it since nobody was interested and you got yourself a steal! I bought mine directly from shrockworks...i didn't know about the ebay store. :smt011
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