BORA Bulletproff Off Road 1.5 Spacer Install


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I am writing this “HOW TO” more like “how I did it” mainly because when I started my research (and I did do several searches) there was not one that answered all of MY questions. Sure there are a lot of opinions and a lot of useful information out there, but there was not a one or a combination of them that answered all my questions to the point where I was satisfied and committed to the purchase. So, here goes:

I determined that I needed to get some kind of spacer or adapter for my wheels, because my wife decided that she wanted the Bushwacker Pocket Style Fender Flairs on our truck. The wheels, I purchased from Discount Tire (awesome customer service company btw) before considering the fender flairs, so at that time, backspacing was not even a consideration. After purchasing my fender flairs from OverTheEdge4WD and having them color matched by Pro Care Collision in Flower Mound, Texas, and doing the easy easy easy install at home, my truck looked like a skinny girl in a petticoat dress. I loved the look of the flairs, I loved the look of my wheels, I loved the look of my tires, just not so thrilled about all three of them together.

So I began my quest and research into fixing this issue.

First and foremost, due to my ignorance on the subject, I had to determine what it was that I needed. Did I need to start looking for wheel adapters or wheel spacers. So I put it out there on the internets… on FB on TTU on… I got a whole lot of opinions but nothing made sense until someone (thank you Robert Chrisman) made the point of: “If you are trying to space the wheel out from the hub, use a spacer. But if you are trying to adapt a wheel to a different bolt pattern, use an adapter.” Well that solves it, why would I purchase an adapter to adapt from 6 lug 5.5 pattern to a wheel that is 6 lug 5.5 pattern? I wouldn’t. I need a spacer. So I started using the googler looking at spacers, they were running between $40 and $50 to upwards of $100 per spacer and most did not tell me if they were hub centric or lug centric. Here we go on more terms… From what I understand...I have learned that when it comes to spacers and adapters there are two types. Hub centric and lug centric. Basically the hub centric means that the spacer/adapter fits securely around the hub and the lug nuts secure the spacer/adapter against the hub ensuring perfect harmony and balance. These cost more due to the precision used in the design and milling. The lug centric is not as precisely made and uses the beveled seat for the lug nuts to assist in centering the spacer/adapter against the hub. This is where you may have heard of someone who bought a spacer/adapter and felt a weird vibration after install. A quick fix to it was to loosen the lug nuts on the spacer/adapter and re-tighten. This re-centered, so to say, the spacer/adapter.

Now I know I needed a “hub centric” “spacer” and I wanted it to be 1.5”. After searching ebay and the googler and asking various forum including this one, I decided to go with BORA Motorsports spacer. My reasoning is this: #1 MADE IN THE USA by Americans. Big fan of that!
Second, price. Their price seemed reasonable, which was middle of the road. Third, several people highly recommended them.

BUT I still had concerns. I pull a 7000lb bumper pull camper all over the state of Texas and plan on going to the National Meet in June in Mississippi. Will the spacers degrade the integrity of my vehicle to the point that pulling such a heavy camper would be dangerous? I carry very special cargo when I go campering and don’t need to get them hurt. So, I called BORA and spoke with Lenny. Lenny was very courteous and was able to answer this question for me immediately. He told me that his spacers are rated at 30,000 lbs, which is way over my wheels, way over my axle and way over what my truck could possibly haul and that I have nothing to worry about. With that… I did not question if each spacer was rated at that or if a combination of all four were…either way, I was impressed that he was willing to throw out such an obnoxious number and was willing to stand behind his product with that number, I was sold. With this, I had all of my questions answered and I ordered them right then and there. They were $220 and some change after shipping. Took a couple of weeks to get them, and upon their arrival, they were securely packaged in bubble wrap. The anodized black is sweet looking on them and they came with the installation instructions and the lug nuts.

Now for the promised How I Did It install:

Tools I used:

1. Air wrench
2. Torque wrench
3. 13/16 socket
4. Blue (medium) thread glue “Loctite”
5. floor jack
6. wheel scotch
7. jack stands
8. 5/8 socket

I started on the rear first. Placed a wheel scotch at the front tires then I jacked up the rear end, and put jack stands under the axle. I removed the wheel using my air wrench and 13/16 socket.

After removing the wheel, I ensured the wheel spacer would fit,

then I used blue thread glue (Loctite) on all 6 factory studs.

I placed the wheel spacer on the studs and then using the star pattern, I hand tightened the provided lug nuts on the factory studs.

I then used my torque wrench and tightened the lug nuts down to the instructed 70 lbs. Again, using the star pattern every time.

After ensuring all lugs are tightened to recommended specs, I installed the wheel back and tightened with my torque wrench to owners manual instructed 98 lbs.




easy easy easy install. I will have to find better place to take pics. These were done on our grocery run after the install and a quick wash. I am sure there are other ways of doing this, but this is just the way I did it. Over all I am very pleased with the look that my truck now has and I will be recommending BORA adapters to anyone that asks.


Love the Titan. And I agree it looks better with the offset. Keep an eye on the torque on the spacers. My son ran a set on the rear and had to keep them tightened every once in a while. Check them every time you rotate tires.
I put Bushwackers on my Frontier, but they only added an additional 1/2" of protection. I am Ok with how they look but could use a wheel with a little more offset. I just haven't done anything yet.


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That looks great. I agree with the torque check, two Fronties back I ran spacers awhile and they kept working loose on these dirt roads where I live.