Bolt on and custom Cat-Back Exhaust systems Frontier 2005+


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If you have any of these parts or others please post pics and a review.

Gibson - Aluminized and Stainless Steel
1. Kit comes with 3.5'' stainless tip(s)
2. 3" Tailpipe

Banks Monster Exhaust
3" stainless mandrel-bent cat-back pipes and straight-thru muffler cut backpressure up to 93%; improve flow up to 104%; throaty sound; 4 polished tip. Bolt-on direct fit.

Bassani Stainless Steel and aluminized

2" into 2 1/2" dia. tube, Y crossover, 2 1/2" dia. tube outlet, 5x10 muffler, 4" rolled edge slash cut resonated tip. Stock location exit.
**pic needed**

JBA Evol Catback Exhaust
This system dyno-tested for average gains of 10 hp, 12ft/lbs of torque. Proudly crafted in the USA.

# Aggressive sound without annoying interior resonance.
# Mandrel-bent tubing
# High flow JBA muffler
# Polished stainless steel chrome plated 3" rolled lip tip with JBA logo
# O.E. style exhaust hangers
# Will not void factory warranty

409-L stainless steel tubing 409-L stainless steel is a cost-effective, high-grade, low carbon steel with excellent corrosion resistance, and strength. Great for that "show" look. Lifetime Warranty

# Dyno proven performance
# Frontier Crew Cab Long Bed - 3.7 HP and 6.0 lb-ft torque increase at rear wheels
# Frontier King and Crew Cab Short Bed - 5.3 HP and 7.5 lb-ft torque increase at rear wheels
# Mandrel bent all stainless steel construction with flanged connections and polished muffler
# 2.25" diameter stainless steel Y-pipe with 2.5" primary tubing
# 3.5" diameter polished 304 stainless steel exhaust tip with laser engraved NISMO logo
# Exhaust exits at OE point to maintain engineered clearances & off-road capabilities
# Authorities exhaust note provides aggressive sound during acceleration while meeting federal and state noise compliance laws
# Exhaust system harmonics have been optimized to prevent interior cabin buzzing or droning during normal driving
# 50 State emissions legal does not effect OBDII system function
# Precise bolt on installation - a direct replacement for OE exhaust


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I have the Gibson Cat Back. Bought it from Paid $496 shipped to my door. I have the Stainless Steel variety since I live very near to the Gulf.

I noticed an improvement right away with more power, the sound is deep with absolutely no drone in the cab. Install was very easy. The removal of the OEM took longer than the install.

Here are pics and videos of the sound



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Bassani Aft-Cat Exhaust System Part# 400515 (Stainless Steel) for the 4.0L V6. It was $525 shipped and weighed 58lbs if I recall. The quality was great with very nice welds. I also had some miscellaneous charges for some extra things. Cost me $14 for 4 new flange nuts (could only get them from dealer, I looked everywhere for factory style nuts and couldn't find any), $8 for a bottle of anti-seize goop.

As for installation, I had trouble with my Y-Pipe flange nuts. They were fairly rusted and seized. I did spray them with PB Blaster and let them sit for 6 or 7 hours, but that didn't seem to help as much as I thought it would (in addition to Liquid Wrench and more PB Blaster after my troubles began). I ended up stripping them while trying to get them off. I finally got them to break loose after buying a new socket and using a pipe on the ratchet as a breaker bar. On top of that being a pain I had to wait a day (I tried to do my install on a Sunday) to get some new nuts from the dealer at $3.52 a pop. If you have a lot of corrosion I would suggest spraying all the hardware once or twice a day for a day or two before removing the factory system.

The stock system came out relatively painlessly once I got the Y-Pipe unbolted and followed the rest of the instructions for removal. It did take a little creative maneuvering to get it out from under the truck. The Bassani instructions have you unbolt the factory Y-pipe and factory hanger brackets, which then allows you to remove the factory exhaust in one piece.

The Bassani system went in very smoothly. I put anti-seize lube on the cat studs and the slip joints of the pipes according to the instructions that came with the system. Bassani did include a small tube of anti-seize lube, but I didn't want to deal with trying to apply it on the slip joints from the small tube so I bought a separate bottle with a built in applicator brush from Napa and used that. This was my first exhaust install so I don't know if anti-seize is really necessary on the slip joints, but I did it anyways.

I'm no expert, but performance wise there seems to be gains in the mid range and top end. Low end feels as good as stock to me. I may have gained one mpg, but I like to romp on the skinny sometimes and I usually don't drive consistently so it's hard to tell.

As for the sound, I really like it so far. It is louder than stock and has not been a bother to me. Under moderate to heavy throttle it is fairly loud. I did a little bit of listening at different rpm's and it seems to be loudest in the cab when cruising with the rpm's between 1600 and 1800. At normal cruise rpm (with my Nismo 6spd it's about 2250rpm) it's not very loud, and it almost disappears with the radio on. The one thing I didn't really like was the look of the exhaust tip (I think it's too short), but I'm not going to change it because it's not really a high priority for me.

Some pics, Click thumbnail for a larger image:

Crappy Videos, but here they are.

Cats Only:

Stock Exhaust:

Bassani After Install:

Bassani Interior Start Up:

Bassani Interior Take Off's:

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Gibson SS. Bought it from Burtman Industries for $529 shipped. I used SS stepped band clamps instead of the u clamps. I love the sound.



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Flo-Pro custom exhaust

I had my custom Flo-Pro exhaust installed back in October of 2005 by Kinney's Muffler Shop in Bedford, TX. The cost was $583.75 and the system included two 12" resonators, a 22" dual in dual out Flo-Pro muffler, 2.25" tubing used throughout the system, and a pair of 3.5" double wall polished stainless steel tips.

The tips cost $150 of the total so it can be done much cheaper if you use chrome tips. I have replaced chrome tips all of my life and decided to go with these because they are guaranteed for life.

I highly recommend Kinney's work and he gives a 3 year warranty on the system which means I'll be out of warranty in less than a year. So far I have had no problems with the system at all.

You will notice that they use mandrel bends so all of the curves are nice and smooth. The pictures I am attaching are when the system was new, but it honestly still looks pretty nice after10,000 miles.

I did not notice any increase in performance, but I am not a go fast person and did this purely for the sound. I might add that I am not very observant of small changes, only the large ones. Like if Mrs. Okie has her hair done I won't notice it unless she changes the color or whacks it off.

I got the best mileage I have ever gotten on the trip to Bedford, which is 200 miles one way. I had a tail wind the whole distance and it is more down hill than up hill. When I pulled into Kinney's lot it registered 27.1 mpg. I did not take a picture as I thought this was normal, wrong.

After the exhaust was installed the best I have ever gotten was 25.1 mpg and that was not for that great of a distance.

I really do like the sound and it was worth the cost to me. I have an almost V-8 sound at lower rpm's which is where I usually drive. I had the resonators installed because the Flo-Pro's were a little too raspy sounding to me. Kinney's told me the resonators would not affect the power as they were of a straight through design.

If I get on it hard it does get a little loud, but that does not happen until about 2000 rpm which is about 75 mph. I rarely ever drive that fast so I experience a nice quiet ride inside 95% of the time. Actually probably a little more than that since I usually accelerate very slowly while trying to obtain optimum gasoline mileage.

I have attached some pictures of the system as well as of Kinney's shop.




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Zero Six LE said:
Gibson SS. Bought it from Burtman Industries for $529 shipped. I used SS stepped band clamps instead of the u clamps. I love the sound.

Where can I get some of those step bands? I noticed I had a bit of a condensation leak from the seams which means some exhaust leak :(

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Shift_Avenger said:
Zero Six LE said:

This is why I am getting one of those clamps. The joints in front of the muffler are fine. This is the joint between the muffler and the exhaust end.

How long has yours been installed? I'll have to check my tailpipe to see if it looks anything like yours. I also had to use some exhaust putty to keep the tailpipe from turning within the band clamp. Once it hardens, the pipe won't twist and fall against the spare tire.

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Shift_Avenger said:
March of this year. Maybe all I need is some of that exhaust putty. Any particular type you recommend?
I bought mine from NAPA. I'll have to read the label when I get home from work.