Body Kit and Fiberglass Body Parts Frontier 2005+


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If you have any of these parts please post pics and a review.


Kit TANGIER Crew Cab with (10.1603; 40.1603;50.1604;60.1603;70.1604;DMF.1603;DMR.1604; RP.1603)
K1604$2.785,00Front Bumper TANGIER10.1603$515,00Rear Bumper Spoiler TANGIER ( 2pcs ) 40.1603$255,00Pair Sideskirts TANGIER50.1604$245,00Pair Front Wheel Arch Extensions TANGIER60.1603$480,00Pair Rear Wheel Arch Extensions TANGIER70.1604$515,00Pair Front Door Mouldings TANGIERDMF.1603$295,00Set Rear Door Mouldings TANGIER ( 4 pcs)DMR.1604$275,00Rear Wheel Arch Panel TANGIERRP.1603$205,00

Front GrilleTANGIER83F.NAVTANG$195,00

This kit is exactly the same as the King Cab version, we've just made the necessary adjustments on the parts to match the CrewCab.


Arches / Fenders only
Pair Front Wheel Arch Extensions NAVARA/FRONTIER60.1606$545,00Pair Rear Wheel Arch Extensions NAVARA/FRONTIER70.1606$565,00

here's a picture of this fenders fitted on the car. ... 4593_2109_ 770697_0_44_1026237_3756794694&bodyPart=2&YY=49218 &y5beta=yes&y5beta=yes&order=down&sort=date&pos=1& view=a&head=b&Idx=41

In order to provide a full quote please advise your adress/location so we can also quote for transport/shiping costs.
The Crew Cab TANGIER kit is already available from stock.
The wide-arches / fenders version will be available in 2 weeks.

Any questions or concerns regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact us ,

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José Cardoso
Ibherdesign Sales Dpt.
00351 21 9731730


Frontier Fiberglass Hood
Fiberglass hood requires 4 pins to secure. Finished in white gel coat. A perfect fit is not guaranteed. Some minor preparation may be necessary. Extra shipping charges apply. Pins sold separately for $20.00 each pin.

Frontier Fiberglass Front Fenders
Fiberglass front fenders with 4" bulge. Bolt on to factory mounts. Finished in white gel coat. A perfect fit is not guaranteed. Some minor preparation may be necessary. Sold in pairs.

Frontier Fiberglass Bedsides
Fiberglass bedsides with 4" bulge. Finished in white gel coat. A perfect fit is not guaranteed. Some minor preparation may be necessary. Requires custom fabricated mounts. Sold in pairs


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I have the 4" fiberglass installed on my truck. I got the black gel coat though and had them painted to match. They fit better than my stock fenders fit and they are much stronger. Installation is a real pain for the bedsides, but well worth it. The front bumper piece is custom and not sold through 4x4parts, I got all my fiberglass directly from Hal Hannemann.



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Thank you both kindly!

I really really want to check out your supercharger and ask you all kinds of questions.

My grill is on the atkins diet, all meat no bun:) When I painted the grill I wasn't sure what to do with it. I was just going to paint the whole thing black. But I was looking at a picture of my old ranger, and actually liked the chrome oval Ford logo and how it broke the color up some. when I went back and looked at the nissan logo it was pretty much the same, just with a huge I got ride of the circle.

Now you know the behind the scenes story :smt003