AZ Run Nine


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My two boys and I just got back from the ninth running of the AZ Run. This is a six day desert expedition held annually by

This years run took us through an area north of Phoenix known as the Bradshaw Mountains. We ran:
Table Mesa
Crown King
Senator Highway (Not an highway by any stretch of the imagination.)
DeSoto Mine
Turkey Creek

The Flaming Marshmallow got us there and back, plus ran the whole event, with hardly a glitch. The entire trip, including about 200 off-road miles, was about 3,400 miles.

One tire was destroyed on a rock. Not fixable.
The water tank sprung a leak. Fixed it with a rope plug.
Three of my shocks are toast. These will have to be replaced ASAP.

Here is the picture link: RUN IX/



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I guess it was a rock. I was in a rut going up a steep incline under full throttle. I suspect that it wrinkled and tore. It is not really a slice.
A freelance photographer (The guy that got us publised in OFF-ROAD) was at the top of the hill snapping pictures, so maybe I will get in a magazine destroying a tire. :smt002


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balage envious. :smt075 do not care about him!

Awesome pictures! Great fun!!!!!!!!!
Thank you! :bow


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AWESOME PICS RES!! Once again, looks like a GREAT time! :smt045
I love camping, but don't know about tent camping....Lots of bugs and creatures crawling around. lol