Are you happy with MYBB?


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This question is aimed at the forum staff. Now that you have been working wiht MYBB for a while, are you happy with it?

If I switch to MYBB for mississippi-mud, do you have any reccomendations? Interesting dicoveries? Horror stories? Fatherly advice?


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Mybb is painless compared to say...phpbb3..or even phpbb2. File editing is way less to get mods working, and the community is fairly good. I was never really happy with phpbb3. It seemed overly complicated just for the sake of being complicated.

I've been happy with it security wise and resource wise. Also, so many people are familiar with VBulletin and mybb doesn't stray far from the usability of vb. As far as free forum software goes, after having administered it for a while, I'd recommend it over all the other free forums I've tried (phpbb3, smf, etc.).


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Be prepared for upset users, no matter how much better the new system is and how smooth the change goes. Some people will be upset just because it's different.


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BLWedge09 said:
Also, so many people are familiar with VBulletin and mybb doesn't stray far from the usability of vb.
That is one of the things that I like most about it. I like the Admin CP better too, so far.
Besides, VB is $195 for the 4.0 version. :(

I'm sure you're right, Phelan. There will be growing pains when I switch to a new board. However, our current board has been full of glitches for so long that a board where everything works may make up for the slight differences. The buttons and controls are very similar to VB, and I will make them as identical as possible to ease the users' distress. :rolleyes:

BL, what plug-ins and upgrades are you using with Fronty Spot?


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I got no reply, so I went with the SpiceFuse AJAX Shout Box for MyBB 1.4.

I set it up in the header instead of at the bottom. It is working nicely on but it disappeared from . I am trying to figure that one out. :huh: I will probably have to uninstall, then reinstall.

One more question: What was the solution to the "extra page" problem that y'all had on here? I have the same thing, so I was wondering if you ever figured it out.