Anyone want to do Otay Mountain Truck Trail tomorrow?

I havent done this trail before, but from what Ive read even stock 2 wheel drive should be fine. I plan to leave North County around 10am, should take about an hour to get there and then about an hour each way on the trail.
Plan to take my son and have lunch on the trail before heading back.
I will check for PM's or posts in the am.

Here is a link to a thread on another forum about this trail...
While looking for new places to go with only a 2wd, I found reference to the Otay Mountain Truck Trail in South San Diego County.

It runs from the valley just North of the Mexican Border up into the Otay Mesa Mountains and follows the border for nearly 20 miles.

Finding the place was easy with my GPS, just entered Otay Mountain Truck Trail and it popped up and got me there. TIP: When you see Alta Cafe... YOUR AT THE ENTRANCE. Go up that road (unmarked), past the parking lot and down the dirt road past what appears to be an old junk yard.

I had my 3 year old son with me and enough emergency equipment and provisions that I had no worries about getting lost or stranded. PLUS, we were never out of cell coverage and in fact with all the towers up there, we got better reception than at home.

The trail is fairly easy except for a few small mud crossings that were rather steep on both sides and some steep inclines in loose gravel and dirt. There were only three times in the 10 mile trip (we didnt do the entire route) that I really wished I had 4wd. Clearance was never an issue and even a stock height truck would be fine.

The road is one lane, and the only other people we saw out there were US Border Patrol agents. They were really cool to chat with for a moment, and then we were off. I would imagine if the place was really busy, traffic concerns could be an issue as there are very few places that you could "pull over" to let an oncoming vehicle past you. And considering several sections have you looking out your window and down a 300-500 foot drop, it might get sketchy.

WARNING: We had gotten out and walked around a few times to take pictures and each time we stopped we came across a rattle snake. So before you go running off in to the bushes to take care of business, be sure your alone! One of these snakes was easily 5 feet long.
I was able to test the new on-board air compressor and it worked perfectly. because of all the rocks exposed on the trail, I aired down to 20lbs. When we were done, we simply pulled over and aired right back up to 35 lbs. Took about a minute per tire (wasnt timing it).

Most of the pictures that were taken are of my son, and you most likely dont wish to be bored with pics of an incredibly excited future Navy Seal... SO I will just share a couple of the truck and the views.



Looks like you had fun. Keep adding to the difficulty as you go out, and you'll realize how capable you can be with only 4X2. Just don't get aggressive without a second vehicle around. Buddy of mine, Bwarren, doesn't realize he is only 4X2.

How about some detail pics of the highlift jack utilitrack mount.
I will take some pics tomorrow of the high lift mount. Someone else asked for pics of the onboard air also...
The mount is just the high lift mount ($25 or so) and 2 U bolts.
It has held up quite nicely for well over a year.


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I /we would be down for this. Spent the weekend camping at Lake Morena and doing some trails at the Corral Canyon OHV area. Im not 4x4 but wife's truck is and my truck has LSD rear end. Next time you go give us a shout.