Any old timers still around?


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Just logged in for the first time since 2013. 

I still have my truck, but its not my daily. I have a 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI. 

Recent upgrades on the frontier: 
- Upgraded suspension; Bils in the rear, 2.0 Radflos from PRG (designed for TitanSwap), SPC UCAs designed for the Titan. 
- Replaced my cat back as i had a hole in the old muffler... went with Flowmaster 50 series, 2 in 1 out, factory diameter... sounds like a V8, freaking love it. 
- Upgraded to Goodyear Wranglers, 285s. 

Only one issue since out of warranty. It had to do with the fuel sensor or something... cost $275 to replace. It's a very reliable truck, with 103,000 miles. 

Hope everyone is doing well.


Glad to hear your truck is still holding up well. I sold my Frontier a couple years ago and bought a new Jeep Wrangler, but still stop in from time to time to see if any posts need to be cleaned up. I let BL know he might want to find another Admin, but he said the site didn't require much maintenance and left me Admin.  If anybody wants to take over, hit him up via e-mail.  He usually sees it quicker when I need to get in touch with him.


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Still DDing mine, only major issues have been being bitten by the radiator/transmission failure AFTER the extended warranty expired, driver side window motor dying and a coilpack dying twice.  12 years on and it still drives great and tows all that I currently throw at it without issue.