63 Patrol Slow Build


Funny Res. I haven't done much lately.

I replaced the wheel cylinders on both front wheels. The shoes looked like new, so I just painted them up a little and put them back together.
I haven't been able to get the rear drums off yet. We already broke the flange on one of them and don't want to do the same to the other. I have one back up to use for the broke one. I gave up for a little while.

I still need to buy a used brake booster/split master cylinder to make the brakes a little safer. I am also going to replace all the wiring. I picked up Painless wire harness kit, but need to get a new set of gauges.

Sandi, no names yet. I haven't been one to name my vehicles.


Even though I don't name my vehicles, I wanted a tag for the Patrol that said "OLDZDRT", but got an antique tag that you pay for once and never have to pay again.


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Been toying with the idea of throwing a 4BT or 6BT cummins in mine and a pair of 60s......

Dreaming :angel: