350Z-Fronty Kills


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So, Just for fun I went lurking on a few 350Z forums, could not find one Fronty Kill story on any of them. Power to weight Ratio's say the 350 will outrun the Fronty every time, has anyone tried it ( within the legal posted speed limits of course) ?


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Yes I was the killed at the track. It was not pretty. Silver 2008 350Z stock. He ran a 14 flat and I did not. It was disheartening seeing him just pull away from the start. I think I would have stood a better chance if it was a rolling start from 30 or 40 :smt021


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my best friends owns a 350z and i run with the 350z every wensday night tsz33 a big 350z club on long island here in ny, about 20 at least if not more at bigger meets one time over 100, they are quick machines but my friends 06 mustang gt is alway beating them, and my friend 03 350z with 100,000 miles i can keep ahead of until half way through 4th gear. from a 15mph roll of course