2008 King Cab SE 4X4 CANOPY


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Hi Frontiacs . . . Frontyanados? Frontierents? Anyway, lookin for a skookum fiberglass canopy for my silver 2008. Want it w/ a rack to haul windsurf boards. Want the canopy + rack to fit my 7' garage door opening. Tires/wheels are stock 265/70TR16.0 OWL and suspension is std with tow-kit. Thoughts, suggestions? Note: boards ain't heavy but can create a lot of lift pressure, especially when passing oncoming trucks, windy days, etc. - mitch from frickin BC, Canada.

PS - would not mind it to look a little like this one (see pic) . . . [attachment=3197]


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I just went on a research to buy one but ended up with a tonneau cover. I liked the ARE or snugtop myself but I imagine they are all the same more or less. Sounds like you need a cab hi with windoors


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My truck has ARE tonneau cover and I really like it. It has a low profile design, and I can easily access my truck's bed. If you need to haul your surfing boards or kayak, get a bed cover with a rack system like the Bakflip CS.