2001 S/C Frontier performance


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Ok So i am new to the forums i have a 2001 Frontier S/C crew cab and i was pretty dissappointed with the 3.3l v6 and supercharger. Im wondering what if anyone has made their 2001 powerful and or fast. or is the 3.3 jus to weak? haha i want it to be rediculous.


I have had 2 Xterras with the 3.3 and my son's 03 Frontier with the 3.3. None of which have a SC. Yes they are weak. I have had many tell me the SC wasn't worth the extra dough.

I have an 06 now with the 4.0 and love it.

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Shift_Avenger said:
My Dad has and 02 and the difference is amazing. The 3.3 just doesn't have the power of the 4.0
Damn i really just need to do something lol my friends with their rangers think they are bad and i need to show them whats up!! can you fit a 4.0 in the 2001??


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You probably could. With an exhaust system (I believe they have a Nismo) and an intake (many out there) you can beat the rangers easily. Now as far as fitting a 4.0... that might be tough. :s