2001 3.3 A/C Question/Repair


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About 4 years ago the a/c stopped working in my 2001 frontier 3.3. I was looking to fix it but had a few questions and was looking for some advice. If I put freon in it leaks out with one day. I believe the high side hose connecting the compressor to the condenser is leaking as there is oil residue over it.

My question is that how would I determine if there is a problem with the compressor? I don't have a problem spending $80 on the high side hose, I guess replace the receiver/dryer and charging the system. I just don't want to do that and the a/c still doesn't work. I don't have the money at the time to replace much more then that. Thanks for any advice.


When you fill it, before it leaks out, does it cool OK? If so, I would say the compressor is OK.