14.660 na RECORD??


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looks like the first two guys on dragtimes have mastiff beat, or does it??? chris f. went a little too far claiming 98mph lol.
john s makes more sense. cai, intake spacer, jba headers, exhaust on 100octane. his numbers look credible too, but all those 0s at the end look suspicious. what are the chances right??? maybe its true, but chances are he is just a great faker. too bad he did not provide any proof. anyone know if he is on clubfrontier??

http://www.dragtimes.com/Nissan-Frontie ... 14411.html

for now 14.991 remains the time to beat....


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I think its possible w/ more mods, weight reduction, sticky tires and a good driver. Other then that... we need more proof. Dragtimes.com I feel is BS either way. All you have to do is lie. Again.. we need more proof. How about yall try getting that guy to join up here and ask him what all he did...

The X-runner will be superior speed wise due to the weight they DONT have as compared to us.


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shift avenger i noticed you have the airaid tbs TAKE THAT OFF!!!! will at wrp did a dyno with one on and one off and one he made, turns out the airaid actually restircts power giving you less power then without a tbs and the wrp adds about 5hp, might help a little with your 1/4 mile..sorry iw ent off topic but it was bothering me..lol..p.s 14.6 thats crazy a mazda speed 3 does that and its turboed ands weighs under 3500lbs