08' Frontier SE V6, 2wd, 6 speed for sale


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I've decided to put my Fronty on the market. The main reason being I need to free up some cash and don't need a truck any more as I'm buying my father's truck cheap which I'll use for a dedicated work vehicle and will then refocus on building/restoring my car and use that as a weekend vehicle. I've decided to give you folks first dibs and if I don't receive any interest I'll then advertise locally. My asking price is $15,000 which is $100 less than what I owe on it. If I sell outside this forum the price will be $16,000.
Some details on my Fronty:
Kingcab SE trim with SE value truck package and tow package
4.0 V6, 2wd, 6 speed
17K miles, switched to mobil 1 oil w/ pure one filter @ 10k miles
Truck is completely stock aside for a set of rear mud flaps, I also have an never-installed gibson y-pipe which I'll include in the sale.
Interior and exterior in virtually brand new condition aside for a few minor scuffs that my yellow lab puppy can claim responsibility for.
Bad points:
Rear bumper cover above hitch has a scrape from loading a trailer on by myself.
Surprisingly, rear tires are getting a bit low on tread in the center. The only reason I can think for this is the fact that I tow a 10ft enclosed construction trailer, fully loaded, back and forth to jobs on a weekly basis.

I've attached a few pics, although for any interested parties I'll gladly email a more comprehensive set of pics.
Thanks for all the generosity and friendliness of this board.



Well hate to see you get rid of it, but one has to do what one has to do. Good luck with the sale.


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Thanks guys, I've had mixed feelings about selling but finally have made peace with it and am comfortable and confident I'm making the right decision financially at least.