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  1. 06_footy

    My Funday Sunday times!!

    This was back at the beginning of the year just after i acquired my beast. Well lets just say i never did this before and had a need for speed. Here's my times... More times to come before i bag the beast ;)
  2. 06_footy

    06_Foot'ys Titan Build...

    Username: 06_footy Year: 2006 Make: Nissan Model: Titan Trim: XE Color: Bronze Engine Bay, Performance, & Exhaust 2*timing advance Stereo & Interior Sony Xplod Headunit Exterior Suspension, Wheels, & Tires 18" Chrome LE rims on Contintental rubber Photos All coming...
  3. 06_footy

    Everyone already knows

    Hey everyone the names Stan as most of ya'll know me as 06_footy over on Which im no longer a member of because of reasons. I registered a longtime ago under another name but lost it in the mass forums im apart. But just for a heads up i now have a Nissan Titan 2wd xe...