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  1. NismoFrontier04

    L.E.D. Tail light Bulbs

    I just want to know if anyone knows where can I find those L.E.D bulbs for 1st gen frontier? I was thinking of putting those altezza taillights on my truck but until I was watching some how to do videos on youtube until I saw one when this dude swap his regular bulbs to LED bulbs.
  2. NismoFrontier04

    Tailgate replacement

    To all the 1st generation frontier owners out there. I just want to know if you ever replace your tailgate with an original one. I had a big dent on mine and i was thinking of getting it fixed and I know that will cost a lot of $$$ to get it fixed. I had another solution. I was thinking of...
  3. NismoFrontier04

    Tow hook/Tow straps

    To fellow 1st generation frontier owners, I just want to know if you know the location to put the tow hook/ tow straps? Do you know if they make tow hooks for 1st generation frontys? Can you recommend me the best brand of two straps that I could buy at a local auto parts store? Thank you.
  4. NismoFrontier04

    windshield sun strip tint

    I just want to know first if installing a windshield sun strip tint in your fronty is illegal in all 50 states? and if I will be penalized when i go for my yearly car inspection?
  5. NismoFrontier04

    Catalytic converter heat shield noise

    To my fellow 2004 frontier owners, have you ever experienced the catalytic converter heat shield making noises under your truck whenever your truck is on a stand still? Well I have that problem. I just want your opinion if you had experience that problem before to whether change the heat shield...
  6. NismoFrontier04

    Turn signals problem

    My cousin and I installed foglights on my 04 frontier. I noticed that my right turn signals doesn't blink brightly as the left turn signal does.So I crawled under my truck and i found out that the bulb harness for the right turn signal was loose. So i tight it up. I got the problem fixed. But...
  7. NismoFrontier04

    I would like to know if any of you ever ordered parts from If you do, I would like to know if is free to register and how much is the shipping and handling when you order parts from their site? Thank you.
  8. NismoFrontier04

    Touch up paint

    Does anyone of you 04 frontier owners know where can I find a touch uppaint for your my truck?
  9. NismoFrontier04

    HID headlights problem

    I just want to know if any of you 1st generation frontier owners out there had put HID headlight kit on your ride. I realized that their is a space issue under the hood on my fronty and I have no clue where to put the ballasts. I was thinking of getting the kit with a slim ballasts but that's...
  10. NismoFrontier04

    HID headlights opinion

    Wutup everybody. Well I need your opinion on something. I'm thinking of putting HID headlights on my 04 frontier and I couldn't make up my mind on either getting a 6k or 8k HID headlight kit. So I need your opinion on which one should I get. Thanks
  11. NismoFrontier04

    HID headlights and HID foglight kits

    So right before I get an 8k HID headlights and a 3k yellow fog lights for my fronty, I would like to know from anyone what is the best brand of HID headlights kit and yellow fog light kit would you recommend ? I just need to know the right kit before i purchase one. Thanks.
  12. NismoFrontier04

    CB radios

    Any 1st and 2nd gen. frontier owners out there that has CB radios on their rig? Can you help me with that topic? I'm thinking of putting a small cb radio in my rig. Just reply back if get this.
  13. NismoFrontier04

    HID Foglights Opinion

    I need people's opinion on this one because I couldn't make up my mind on what to do. Which one do you think looks good? Yellow 8k foglights or blue 8k foglights. Which do you think is better? 6k or 8k?
  14. NismoFrontier04

    Noisy Drum Brakes

    To my fellow 1st gen. fronty owners, have you experience a noise on your drum brakes? Well I do. When ever I make a right/left turn, reverse or even stop that damn noise is there and it bothers me. Do you know what is the cause of that noise? or are my drum brakes are needed to be replaced or...
  15. NismoFrontier04

    Killed a Hemi Dodge Ram and Ford F-150

    This was when I was still living in NJ. I smoked this Dodge Ram with a Hemi on my way to school. Then on my way home from school I smoked this dude in a F-150. It was the lightning version. My truck has a stock v6 but I had a heavy right foot. I both smoked the two trucks on both ways of the...
  16. NismoFrontier04

    HID foglights

    Does anyone of you know any parts stores that sells HID foglights for first gen. frontier?
  17. NismoFrontier04

    "Engine Service Soon" light

    I was driving home and all of the sudden the "Engine Service Soon" light came on. Once I got home I did checked if my gas cap was tighten but I had no luck. Can anyone help me what's that light mean when is on? Thanks.
  18. NismoFrontier04

    CD player for 04 Frontier

    I've encounter a problem in my fronty and it deals with the CD player. I just realized that when ever I put a CD on it, it takes a long time for the CD to play and sometimes the CD won't play at all. Do you know a quick fix for that for my fellow 04 fronty owners? Thanks
  19. NismoFrontier04

    taillights for First Gen Frontiers (98-04)

    To all my first generation frontier owners. Do anyone of you know where are bolts located for the taillights? I'm thinking of swapping the stock taillights for the altezza taillights. Thanks again.
  20. NismoFrontier04

    HID headlight kit for 2004 frontier crew cab

    Wutup ya'll. I just want to know if you know any good brand of HID headlight kit for my 04 frontier crew cab. Thanks.