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    Any old timers still around?

    Just logged in for the first time since 2013.  I still have my truck, but its not my daily. I have a 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI.  Recent upgrades on the frontier:  - Upgraded suspension; Bils in the rear, 2.0 Radflos from PRG (designed for TitanSwap), SPC UCAs designed for the Titan.  -...
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    Testing new server

    $80 for the cost of running my website on a new server... and its still too small... thinking about moving to a $220/month server just to run my website. God...
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    Possible new make overs for 2014

    Me too. Diesel will be my next vehicle, car or truck.
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    Testing new server

    Yikes. And those are some heavy @ss tires.
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    Possible new make overs for 2014

    I'm happy if they don't change the body style. People still think my truck is new, ha-ha.
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    The New Quote of the Day Thread

    Oh wow, this is still going? I should make you 2 a moderator on my facebook fan page, ha-ha.
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    Testing new server

    Yup, the truck is running good. I have 71,500 on the truck now. Today, I had to replace a couple of lug bolts on the 2" wheel spacers. I wish I knew which 'mechanic' was to blame. Since I already had the wheels off in the back I decided to take care of the squeaky brakes. I replaced them...
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    A Little Day Trip with Friends

    Looks fun!
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    Testing new server

    Sorry guys, I've been very busy lately. I still have the truck and it run's fine :) No major changes or upgrades to it.
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    New to forum..

    Welcome to the Spot
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    Custom dynomax dual exhaust

    Nice! I heard those were the best exhaust systems to go with, and at an attractive price. I wasn't too happy with magnaflow and my flowmaster i have on now.
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    Hmm, Very Odd

    Thanks shift, I see the Off-topic forum now. @[email protected]
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    Hmm, Very Odd

    The Off-Topic forum seems to be missing. I could have sworn there were more forums, wonder if its a bug. Anyways, I want to share with my frontyspot community my new venture. I've been neglecting the build, but It's got a strong foundation... I started a forum that I hope ya'll will support...
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    Pictures for the Home page

    HAHA reserector, that truck is a beast. Reverendbiker, nice! I believe I hauled around 2,000+ pounds of concrete with my frontier... I thought the springs were going to snap, so I took it easy on the road. Had to make 3 runs at that number. I was helping out the church my grandparents went to...
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    100,000 miles

    WOW. I hit either 66 or 67k recently.
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    would you do it again.

    I'm always hurtin for gas money :(
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    FRONTIER colors, which is best?

    I have a black truck, but I'm leaning towards dark grey now days.
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    Which car?

    You can't beat the warranty on those hyundais but nissans are just as reliable. Its hard to choose, I really haven't looked into hyundais all that much. I'd say go test drive both and see what you feel your wife would enjoy driving, both great cars now that hyundai improved themselves.
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    How important is...

    I guess ill save my money and do it a little later on.
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    Random Pics II

    Very nice shot of the waterfall phelan And great cavern photos!