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    PF / Frontier hood blackout decal

    I'm looking to possibly installing a hood blackout decal, does anyone have a recommended source for good quality decals. Maybe getting a second lightweight fiber engine hood and spray painting it mat black or a truck color matching sand color in mat finish would be a better option but not sure...
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    Brake pads

    As I'm coming up to a brake pad change and the rotors have lots of life in them I'm wondering what others have installed as pad replacements or new pad/rotor sets. Have most stayed with OEM or gone to upgraded pads such as GreenStuff 7000 or others and how are those holding up when mated up with...
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    SuperChip Tuner!

    Looking forward to the review, thanks BT.
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    Bolt pattern / lug pattern and wheels for Frontier 2005+

    Thanks Sandi, happy Canadian Thanksgiving day. :smt001
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    Silicone radiator hoses

    Just wondering if any have tracked down purpose fit silicone radiator hoses for the VQ40 engine. Looks like Samco doesn't have anything other than a suggestion to diy with elbows and connectors; .
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    Bolt pattern / lug pattern and wheels for Frontier 2005+

    Here's an update of vehicles using the 6 x 114.3mm / 4.5 inch wheel pattern; * Dodge Durango (1998 - 2003) Hub bore: 71.4mm * Dodge Dakota (1991 - 2004) Hub bore: 71.4mm * Dodge Viper (1992-2009) * Nissan Frontier (2005 - 2009) OEM offset: +30mm / Hub bore: 66.1mm * Nissan Pathfinder (2005 -...
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    Nissan policecars, fireengines........

    Here's another list of service vehicles from The Nissan Path forum; .
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    Aluminum driveshafts

    Thanks Tiger, this PF one is 33 1/4" so no go for a direct swap but I've been talking to some local shops about an aluminum build. They say no problem, just bring some coin. :smt002 Weight savings aren't much, maybe 10 - 12 pounds but it's rotating mass so might help a bit. Did you happen to...
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    Hi from Canada

    Yep, hopefully I can get a few more PF owners posting here as this is an excellent forum. Y'all are on the recommended reading list. :smt002 ... 0&start=15 .
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    New member on board

    Welcome to the Frontier Spot. :smt001 .
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    Aluminum driveshafts

    Thanks krh2, still trying to get someone to go out to the garage and measure the Ujoint to Ujoint Fronty measurement. :smt001 .
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    Aluminum driveshafts

    Hi, do any have the measurement of the automatic 4x4 driveshaft?...this PF auto 4x4 auto measures 33 1/8' between the two U-joints. Thanks. .
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    Carbon fiber driveshafts

    Thanks, I posted the question before I found out that the Frontiers already come with aluminum DS's. Aside from the strength factor no one I know is going to go spend $1000 to save maybe 3 pounds of rotating mass...makes more sense to buy lighter wheels and tires and really get rid of rotating...
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    Aluminum driveshafts

    By 'aluminum slip yoke shaft' do mean that the piece which slips into the back of the transmission is aluminum as well or did you get a split drive shaft. I'm going to have to go to a dealership and slide under a couple of Frontiers and Armadas I think. :) A measurement would be great thanks. .
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    Carbon fiber driveshafts

    Carbon fiber drive shafts...has anyone here put one of those on yet and any trouble with CF for towing or offroad use? Thanks. .
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    Aluminum driveshafts

    Cool, I guess that driveshaft is OEM, what year is your truck? Maybe I can find an OEM size aluminum DS to fit this Pathfinder that Nissan probably forgot about. :smt001 .
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    Aluminum driveshafts

    Just wanted to find out if some or all of the 05+ Frontiers come with aluminum drive shafts as are on the Titan's, Armadas and some models of Pathfinders (05+ PF 2 wheel drives), or are all of the Fronty driveshafts steel. Thanks. .
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    Spanish word of the day

    Hope you keep up with the Spanish words and grammer SA. :smt004 .
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    VQ40 engine; buzzing /whining noise from timing chain area

    Thanks Llanero, good info. I checked with the local dealership as well and service guy tells me they've been installing the new guides at about 40K kms as that's when the noise gets noticeable. .
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    Spanish word of the day

    Phrases such as "no te pones la mano en la masa" have always given me some grief... :smt002 .