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    My Katemcy off roading pics(lots of pics)

    Well last trip off road I broke the diff useing the locker, so this time I decided no locker and bigger rocks. Oh and only ran with Nissans this time no jeeps...
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    What was you favorite Super Bowl commercial???

    What was your favorite Super Bowl Commercial....oh come on you don't have to watch the game to watch the commercials....
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    WRP dyno results

    Okay here are my dyno pulls before and after the IMS install hp peak [email protected] torque peak 23ft/[email protected] more important is mid range numbers hp from 3600-4800 is 23hp increase torque 3600-4400 is 33-23ft/lbs increase over previous run. __________________
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    Hi Ya'll

    :ban So I guess 3 times is the charm to get in here. And what is up with my keyboard on here, having to hit letters harder than normal? :smt017