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    Feb. Give-Away

    sorry i havent been around much. school and work have been keeping me busy. throw me in the hat, and i'll stick around! LOL. and shoot an email my way if you dont see me for awhile - i'm prolly just busy with life again...
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    I need posi... Axle Swap questions??

    No one, not even ARB, is willing to step up and test this yet, and no members have gone so far to spend the $1k + install on this locker not having a guarantee that it will fit. yes, ARB makes an air locker for c200s. yes it fits on D21 and D22 frontiers w/ c200 diffs, but the 2005+ (D40)...
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    Nov. Truck of the Month Voting!

    get yer votes in - its almost november!
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    GordyNismo's Power Tailgate Lock

    This is the exact setup I followed when I powered up my tailgate lock. Giving credit where it is due, Thank you GordyNismo for this excellent write-up from! Enjoy! ...came home from work and did a short write up. If anyone has any questions just let me know. Please do not...
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    Nov. Truck of the Month Voting!

    consider my vote cast! great pics everyone!
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    Nov. Truck of the Month Nomination

    thanks! sunset at the marina about 3 weeks ago. i wanted to catch one with the beach in the background, but it was a nice day, so there were alot of cars in the shot... :smt013 it's all good. i like how the pics came out. everyone's pics look great! :smt003
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    New Here

    Welcome aboard!
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    i thought about that, and moved after he went inside. Got his plate too before i went in just in case, and checked for key marks when i came out.
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    What did you use your Frontier for today?

    Today it only has to get me to work and back, but Sunday we went pumpkin picking with it. LOL. And Saturday she got the royal treatment. 30k maintenance including tranny flush, diff fluids, t-case fluids, engine oil, serp belt, tire rotation, air filters, coolant, etc. etc...
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    ...are so inconsiderate. I got to class a little early yesterday (no traffic, go figure), but didn't wanna go in yet. So I popped open a book I had with me to kill about 45 minutes before class. Just sittin in the truck, front windows down, reading, minding my own business. This kid in a...
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    Do you keep your tailgate locked?

    let me know if you want details. i might still have pics and a wiring diagram for under the dash to get the right wires to make it go with the double-touch of the fob...
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    i'm no noob to computers. i know my way around. it's just not the same as the rest of the internet for me. no biggie.
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    my cache/temp internet files clears automatically every time close FF at home, but like i said, i only clear out my cache/temp files/cookies once a day before i leave on IE at work and i have the same thing happening on both no matter how many times i view the site. its not that its super...
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    Nissan Navara

    that navara is over the top for my tastes.
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    How ofter do you eat fast food?

    rarely. i try to eat FF only once or twice a month as a last resort. saves loads of money by bringing lunch every day and its healthier food...
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    Do you wear a watch?

    i used to wear one all the time, but not so much since i started the new job a year ago (too much typing-it gets in the way and hurts the wrist).
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    Do you keep your tailgate locked?

    i got the lock, may as well use it. actually my first real mod was powering up the tailgate lock to work with the door locks. now when i double click the unlock (for all 4 doors) the tailgate unlocks too. and hitting the lock on the keyfob, locks the doors and gate also! keeps jerks from...
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    the problem exists both at home and work. FF at home does the same thing. cant download anything at work to help, gotta use IE there.
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    Ebay Finds

    if i was gonna do LED, those would be the ones. thanks!