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    Any old timers still around?

    Just logged in for the first time since 2013.  I still have my truck, but its not my daily. I have a 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI.  Recent upgrades on the frontier:  - Upgraded suspension; Bils in the rear, 2.0 Radflos from PRG (designed for TitanSwap), SPC UCAs designed for the Titan.  -...
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    Hmm, Very Odd

    The Off-Topic forum seems to be missing. I could have sworn there were more forums, wonder if its a bug. Anyways, I want to share with my frontyspot community my new venture. I've been neglecting the build, but It's got a strong foundation... I started a forum that I hope ya'll will support...
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    How important is...

    How important is to do maintenance on the minor stuff? Such as, steering fluid flush, brake fluid, clutch fluid, etc.? I'm at 60k and I think I've neglected them. Thinking about doing the steering fluid flush very soon because I've heard some problems with the steering rack or something...
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    Hi-Lift Grabber Mod

    So, like many of us who don't have a fancy bed, I had to be a little creative and utilize what I have. I've been putting this off for years but got around to it yesterday. I went to the local ACE hardware store (support your local economy) and bought a "S" bracket. Had 3 screws lying around...
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    37 Pages of New Photos of N.Ps, and Monuments

    Close to 750 new photos of Bryce Canyon N.P., Red Canyon, Cedar Breaks N.M. Hearst Castle, Grand Basin N.P., Zion N.P. and Highway 1. The link starts on page 37, to make it convenient, that's where the latest pictures end. Hope you enjoy it as much as i do...
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    Royal Wedding?

    Is anyone going to watch it? I wasn't planning on watching it but it seems like a big deal when I'm flipping through the channels. I like the fact that England still has a monarchy.
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    Nissan Sentra 2001

    Saw an ad on craigslist for a Nissan Sentra 2001 GSX. Looked real nice, auto, and it has a rating of 35 mpg! The guy wanted $1,200!! The problem was, bad head gasket. Offered the guy a price, and then did some research and saw that the Sentras have a bad history of head gaskets blowing up every...
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    Oregon Trail

    Back in Idaho, and discovered a fun trail, the Oregon Trail. This was the most difficult part of the long, long trail. I was at such a extreme angle i thought i was going to flop onto my side. Another scary part of the trail was the skinny road near the edge of a cliff with bad erosion that...
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    Any Gun Lovers?

    I'm thinking about buying a Marlin 39M or 39A Additionally i am also considering purchasing a Winchester Model 94 (1894) Pre '64. What do you think of these rifles? For a .22LR i think the only competition is the Winchester. Browning is made in Japan and the Henry has its cons and...
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    Fog Light Mount Cracks

    Heads up, my fog light mount broke off, along with the fog light. A mechanic pointed out a crack on the other fog light mount. Look around the weld, its small but noticeable for me. Let me know if you too see a crack. Spread the word, I'm too lazy to log onto the other forums, ha-ha. My...
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    $800 Stillen Supercharger

    A guy over at another forum (Xterra) got this almost new Stillen supercharger for $810+$75 shipped. The missing parts and labor, should bring it to around $2,000, but still a whopping deal! I was hoping to take it for $625+$75, but that was the last bid for me... money is tight. What a...
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    New Clutch and 4" Lift

    First off, i've been really busy with school and work, especially with mid-terms, but i managed to pass all my classes including senior thesis research. But i went down to Yuma AZ to visit dad and at the same time took advantage of the super low prices down there. Also went to Mexico for some...
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    Thinking about Joining

    The PEace Corps! What do you guys think?
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    Fun Car Facts

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    Save $100 & Become A Member

    If you are a member of TreadLightly or if you pay $25 for the annual membership, you get a $100 mail in rebate offer usable on a set of Goodyear tires. Go here: I'll be joining very soon :D I'm totally buying this blue hoody! and wear it...
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    Check this out
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    McCrea Nissan

    I took my truck into the dealership for them to check out the vibration in the transmission and replacement of fuel sending unit. Well they replaced the FSU, but blamed the tires for the vibration. But that's not it. They ACTUALLY heard a timing chain whine, that i haven't heard since they...
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    What did you get for christmas?

    I just got money :(
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    Show us your Interior!

    Your SUV/Truck, but if you want, your room/work place just to make the thread more interested, :dontknow: why not? Something new? Update us! [/u]
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    Anyone have an account with them? How do you like them? I was lured in by one of their $100 promo give-away. I was like, wow, free money. I didn't really need another bank, but i figure i could use the $100, and if i like their service, i'd switch over. Requirements for the $100, were to...