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    PF / Frontier hood blackout decal

    I'm looking to possibly installing a hood blackout decal, does anyone have a recommended source for good quality decals. Maybe getting a second lightweight fiber engine hood and spray painting it mat black or a truck color matching sand color in mat finish would be a better option but not sure...
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    Brake pads

    As I'm coming up to a brake pad change and the rotors have lots of life in them I'm wondering what others have installed as pad replacements or new pad/rotor sets. Have most stayed with OEM or gone to upgraded pads such as GreenStuff 7000 or others and how are those holding up when mated up with...
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    Silicone radiator hoses

    Just wondering if any have tracked down purpose fit silicone radiator hoses for the VQ40 engine. Looks like Samco doesn't have anything other than a suggestion to diy with elbows and connectors; .
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    Carbon fiber driveshafts

    Carbon fiber drive shafts...has anyone here put one of those on yet and any trouble with CF for towing or offroad use? Thanks. .
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    Aluminum driveshafts

    Just wanted to find out if some or all of the 05+ Frontiers come with aluminum drive shafts as are on the Titan's, Armadas and some models of Pathfinders (05+ PF 2 wheel drives), or are all of the Fronty driveshafts steel. Thanks. .
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    Second set of tires/wheels

    Just wondering how many here use two sets of tires and wheels, one set for summer street use and another set for offroad/winter use. .
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    OEM steel wheels

    Looking on the US Nissan site I noticed that a couple of the 05+ Frontier models were supplied with OEM 16x7 6 spoke steel wheels, and was wondering if any here have a set of those that they don't need. .
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    What sort of offroading do you do?

    What sort of offroading do you do?
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    Hood vents

    Have any here installed hood vents, vents along the windshield wiper tray or looked into what other engine compartment venting solutions might work for our trucks. I do some grill blocking and by keeping the engine bay cooler could block more of the front end openings for some additional fuel...
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    Nissan VQ40 oil filters

    I was wondering if any here have taken apart a Nissan oil filter to see if it has a cellulose/paper element, or microglass. Assuming the filter is cellulose have any looked into which filter manufacturers provide microglass or synthetic element material replacement oil filters for the VQ40...
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    Engine flush

    I've been looking around for some engine flush options for awhile to keep varnish buildup to a minimum and reading the pro's and con's of various off the shelf products but was mainly seeing negative comments on most of those. I happened to read something about an old school mechanics trick of...
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    AFR tuning

    Have any looked into using a Zeitronix or similar controler on the VQ40 EMC to modify the air/fuel ratio for either performance or for leaner burn fuel economy? Thanks. Here's a bit further from SuperNissans; ...
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    O2 sensor

    Do any know which manufacturer of O2 sensors Nissan is using for the VQ40, Bosch, NTK or other? Thanks. .
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    Radiator protection

    Just wondering how many have installed some form of radiator protection such as screens, bolt on grill guards, etc or some form of grill blocking to smooth out the front end lines to aid in fuel economy and if so what type. Thanks. .
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    Koyo radiators

    From this catalog on page 5, it shows that Koyo makes at least one drop in replacement radiator for the 05+ Frontier/Pathfinder/Xterras. From reading Koyo claims improved cooling capacity which would be great for towing, but as they make several types I was wondering if any know which of the...
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    Front struts

    Just wondering if any have looked at Titan /Armada OEM or replacement front struts for use in a Frontier and aside from being designed for a heavier vehicle if there is any difference in height or other dimensions. Thanks. .
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    MAF sensor

    Just wondering if any have had to change their MAF sensor and if any think that installing a PCV system oil catch can might help get away from contaminating the sensor. Thanks. .
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    Suspension bushings

    Just wondering if any companies have developed an 05+ Frontier or Pathfinder bushing replacement kit yet. Energy Suspension looked like they were going ahead with something in R&D but I haven't heard back; .
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    VQ40 engine; buzzing /whining noise from timing chain area

    I was wondering if any here have noticed increased engine noise over time and have had the dealership do the timing chain repairs /chain guide replacement as per the service bulletin NTB07-042 VQ40 ENGINE; BUZZING / WHINING NOISE. Do any know if the timing chain repairs are definitive or is...
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    Motor Silk?

    Just wondering if any here have used Motor Silk and noticed any improvement in performance or fuel economy, thanks; .