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    vehicle registration

    So, I know it's been discussed before but get this... just registered the wife's new Honda Pilot...$760 (and of course, we had to pay sales tax on it as well)... I really envy those in states that dont charge a ridiculous amount for vehicle registration right about now. fwiw, I think my truck...
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    next friday

    I should be getting my truck back. all factory parts although I had to barter a downgrade in my rental to get a factory taillight, I just didnt want aftermarket on one side and factory on the other and even though the cost was close, they wouldnt budge from policy so I offered to drive an...
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    not really a kill

    but as I went to pass 3 cars today from about 20mph (plow truck had just turned off so we were moving slow...roads were clean though), I get out in the other lane, and the front car (a newer maxima) sees me coming up in the other lane and drops the hammer...funny thing is, he didnt pull away...
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    congratz to the giants

    they deserved the win tonight (that was hard to say being a pats fan/'72 dolphins hater). brady needs to learn to leave his woman at home for big games.
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    my pup

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    Hope the Padres are ready to get rolled by the Sox this weekend. Those wicked low ERA's dont scare me, not hard to have a low ERA in the NL since you dont have to face the big boys from the AL. That and with the low batting average of the Pads, Dice-K and Beckett should be able to toss...
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    garage defaults...

    OK, first day and I already have a complaint. I went into the 'garage' thing to play around and the default manufacturer was TOYOTA! :smt013 I am sorry but that is absolutely blasphemous. :smt018 Err what I really mean is...can you change the default to Nissan?
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    New here (but surely you know me)

    Hoping this place survives as it's always good to have many options and I know a few people have been driven from other places. Anyway, I posted in the New England area and was asked for pics so here they are (I figure this gets more traffic then the NE area does). might as well...
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    hello....ello...llo...lo...o wow, mighty quiet in here. gotta be someone else around here.