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    Winter Olympics

    2 days to go to the Opening Ceremonies, I must admit I was a naysayer at first, but seeing all the Athletes in Vancouver, and Whistler, and realizing how much of their lives they have put into the next three weeks has turned me around. I am all over it now, and by the way, Google Street View...
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    Squeal on Startup

    So, a friend of mine, and a fronty owner, ( 08) had her truck parked outside, the days are getting cooler up here, and last week she went out in the AM to start her truck, heard a squeal, and another long squeal and then all the dash lights came on. She didn't lift the hood, just called for a...
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    I tried to bring them up right, did all the right things, strapped them into their carseats when they were little, paid more for their driving lessons than I paid for my '72 510, set a good example about never drinking and driving, so.... here's what happened; Wzrdson #2 brought home a shiny...
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    Lifetime Mileage

    So, how far have you gone in life? How far in any and all modes of transportation? A quick calculation for the Wzrd; All Vehicles ever owned = 626,000 miles Traveling miles = 42,000 Sailing = 4,000 personal Flying = 5,000 All other, walking...
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    I like ice in my mixed drinks , hate it on the road, hit a big patch on the Coquihalla last week, was a quarter mile from the Coquihalla summit, saw a tangle of vehicles ahead, so the Wzrd hits his flashers, slows, and goes to the right away from the tangle, I had a semi with pups on the rear...
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    Anniversary Present

    A longtime friend of ours gave his dear Wife a bungee Jump for their 26th anniversary ( go to you tube, search for gottsrock and view bungee aniversareee) and view Debbie taking the fall, like the guy says, it's all about trust! Methinks Mrs. Wzrd would be suspicious about any gift that...
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    Nissan announces Recall '05-08 trucks

    Apparently Nissan Trucks used in a Salty road environment suffer from the Air Bag sensor going bad, That means me and many others, anyone else heard about this? WW
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    Snow and Tire pressures

    So, we have lots of it this Winter, what is better, low tire pressure, or high tire pressure on Snow? Here's what I found this week; If the temps are really low and the snow squeaks when you walk on it, low pressure seems to be better by increasing the size of the tire footprint, and allowing...
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    Wonky dash after subzero temps

    Hi All, The Wzrd is just back from 100 Mile House, British Columbia, left the fronty outside in minus 32 temps for a few days and nights, Block heater was plugged in the whole time, but when I started it up, the TPMS was on ( which I expected) and the Fuel gauge was wonky. Anyone else have...
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    Snow in San Diego next week

    A rare Arctic blast is on it's way, predictions for my house are for -20 degrees C for a low, and highs of -6, starting on Friday. They are predicting lows for SoCal that haven't been seen in 50 years. My Ski's are waxed, edges are finely tuned, Sandi and KRH are you ready...
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    Highest tides since 1993

    Since many are in So Cal, get ready for the highest tides since 1993. Dec 10-17, with a close lunar perigee 4 hours before full moon Dec 12 will produce a maximum high tide at 9.1 feet at the Golden Gate Bridge, ( Max ever was 9.2) Expect parts of Pacific Coast Highway ( near Seal Beach) to be...
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    Venus and Jupiter

    Hi All; Anyone else enjoying the dance in the night sky with Venus and Jupiter getting closer every night? The Moon is joining the dance tonight, Looks good from 50 degrees North, how does it look where you are? WW
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    First gear chirping-Grinding

    Hi all, the Wzrd Express just got a very subtle grinding chirping noise in first gear, it's a 6 Spd manual, 60 thou kilometers, slight noise in second, and only when accelerating, I can really hear it in an underground garage with the window open. The Express is going to the dealer this Friday...
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    How Lucky are you?

    The Wzrd is unusually Lucky, I have won ; Clothing, Trips, Wine, Wine Accessories, electronic equipment, gift cards, coffee, dinners, sports equipment, coffee mugs, lottery prizes, and artwork, so much swag has come my way that now I use Mrs. Wzrd's name on the entry, and She wins. ( haven't won...
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    Where are you going for a Winter Vacation

    The Wzrd and Mrs. Wzrd are off to Mexico in the AM tomorrow for some Sun and Surf, and possibly some Cactus Juice concoctions in the evening. We will return just before the Mountain opens for Winter. I know that nobody really needs to leave San Diego, or anywhere in Texas during the winter...
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    Need for Speed, h20 style

    The BMW Oracle is now in San Diego, it's a 90 foot trimaran, built to challenge the America's Cup, initial sea trials were up here in the Pacific Northwest, ( seattle) but the Oracle was barged down to San Diego where she is now. They say she is capable of 50 knots plus. Has anyone seen this...
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    Goosed a Beemer last week

    So, the Wzrd is on his way South from 100 Mile House, a really good road trip, headed uphill to the Coquihalla summit, real good driving conditions, straight fourlane, divided by 20 yards of dirt, uphill about 4 degrees and the Wzrd is in gear 4, ( at the legal limit of course) there is a semi...
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    How would you help in a general Evac

    So, lots of us have special knowledge of backcountry routes, have CB's and know how to be comfy and happy for a couple of weeks outside, we do it several times a year, and enjoy it, but if the stuff hits the rotating steel, what are you and your 4 wheeling friends ready to do? For example...
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    Canadian Earthquake

    We had a good one an hour ago, at about 5:37 am, measured 6.1, No reports yet on the news, the epicenter was 95 miles offshore from Port Hardy on Vancouver Island, 50.2 degrees North, 129.5 W, right at the confluence of the Pacific and Juan de Fuca plates.
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    Burt Rutan and Richard Branson's New ride

    This is just spectacular, the new White Knight, I have to gush over it. With Richard Branson's Money, Burt Rutan has created the finest airplane in the last 50 years. Burt has blended the P38 Lightning, the Super Connie and the U-2 into this spectacular four engined twin boomed twin tail...