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    Got rear-ended tonight

    Yep... I just re-did the suspension on my Nismo, and now I got rear-ended. Sorry, I don't have any pics right now... it's dark out, I'll get some in the morning. The damage is VERY minimal. Only the rear bumper is tweaked a little bit. A small dent on the passenger side. The car that hit me...
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    The build (big pics, dial-up beware)

    Here we go!!! The truck is done!!!! Woot!!!! I'm not gonna bore you guys with a how-to article, cuz all this is pretty old school now-a-days. I am gonna post a ton of good pics so you guys can see some of the highlights from today's work!!! Just so you guys all know, I didn't even turn a...
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    It begins...

    Here are some teaser pics for you guys and gals... The truck should be on the road in a few days.... I'll post plenty of pics of the progress.
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    Consent can be a funny thing...NWS ... x=226&y=14 May not be 'kid safe' but it's 'everything else safe' Enjoy.
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    My truck with 35s!!!!!

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gotcha. LOL. It is newly 'de-stickerfied' though... whad'ya think?
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    Avatar pondering

    Hey all, I just changed my avatar, but I'm not sure if I should keep it. Place your vote for which one you guys and gals want to see. Option #1 Option #2 Option #3 Option#4 Or the current one Option #5
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    Ahh yes, another front shock Q...

    I've got a question or two for you guys... First, I've tried to contact Greg at PRG several times last week, but I haven't had any luck. So I figured I'd ask here first. Does anyone know the cost differences between the 2.0 internal resi Radflos, and the 2.5 external resi Radflo front...
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    Bad News.

    I exploded my driver's side coilover tonight. All I did was hit a pothole, and now it's totally fawked. The coilover actually broke in half!!! I'm guessing that the combination of the stiff AC springs, the weight of the front bumper and winch, and the sudden shock of the pothole, all played a...
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    Hey all Lower Mainland Fronty Owners, I'm gonna be out in Chiliwack for a military course from Sept to New Years. Who wants to do some wheelin? I'm good with anywhere in the Lower Mainland. There's the mud pit at Stave Lake, Veder Mountain, Whistler, anywhere. I suppose a good place to meet...
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    For those of you who don't know me...

    My name's Mike, I live in Wainwright Alberta, Canada, and I've been a Canadian Forces Medic for just over 8 years now. You can also find me on these bbs:,,, and...
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    I'm thirsty!!!

    Hey Everybody! Who's havin a drink with me tonight? Nice BB btw! :cheers: