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    Mileage Check-in

    71k now. bought 8/04 ;). Still in love
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    Recent road trip

    tthanks mike, brandon. life is amazing!
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    What (who) did I see

    you know it!
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    Recent road trip

    Been a while guys. Beware of guys with goofy posts. I took my daughter and her friend to my parents recently. What was a 2 day trip turned into a spontaneous 5 day trip around Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. Thought I would share. 405 noth bound somewhere around Long Beach. Suckers...
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    What (who) did I see

    We use flight aware at work to track executives.. ;)
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    Happy Easter Frontyspot Spot

    One of my favorite paradox.. You have to die before you live.... Ask Jesus. Happy Easter!
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    2013 Nissan Altima

    I am bout due for a daily driver and garage my girl. Me like!
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    My old house was in an approach path. Man I miss that...
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    What I did Friday afternoon

    Okie, you told me you were going to see it. YOU FAILED TO TELL ME YOU WERE GONNA FLY! Lucky dawg. Awesome!
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    What (who) did I see

    You can Google the tail number. Even get flight plans at ;) If its leased Google won't help but flight aware gives you a manifest of passengers usually too
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    My New Favorite Nissan Commercial

    Nissan must hate the Titan.. I havnt seen a commercial in years. And the ones I did see were crap.
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    Hitch and 7-Pin Harness Install

    Wow, nicely done!
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    Was I missed?

    Welcome back Gents!
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    I'm back...

    Awesome! Welcome back!
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    Best Brakes for Better Stopping

    Ss brake lines, check. Hawk LTS pads, check. Frozen slotted rotors here Friday! $600 for the set. Saturday install. Full how to to follow.. Kev
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    Nissan Navara

    Just gimme a diesel Titan w a beefy rear end. Plz....
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    My truck is finally here!!

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    Cool Frontier commercial

    Competition hill. Glamis, CA... wish they would do more/any Titan commercials...:huh:
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    2012 Nissan Titan And Frontier Get New Appearance Packages

    Despite getting long in the tooth, Nissan isn't giving up on its stalwart F-Alpha pickups just yet. For 2012 the now almost seven-year-old trucks have been injected with a bit of new life, thanks to a pair of quite comprehensive appearance packages. The full-size Titan, the so-called Sport...
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    Best Brakes for Better Stopping

    Here: Not cheap but well worth it. Google the reviews or trust many Titan owners