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    cai & tune

    i got a K&N intake ($220 brother works at auto parts store) and a hypertech tuner($292.99 bargain!) for my 08 frontier. what a difference! strongly recommend both products. easy to install. definite performance gain
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    automatic trans service

    Im sure this has been covered before. i want to do a trans service on my 08. i was told there is no filter to change. is there a drain plug? drop the pan to drain? does anybody know what the dealer does? i want to run synthetic fluid, but ive read theyre real picky about the fluid you put in. i...
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    tonneau cover parts?

    Does anybody know where i can get parts for the tonneau cover that came on my 08 frontier?(bought used) i cant find a brand name on it. it has zippers and velcro on the edges and 3 black metal supports across the bed. parts guy at local dealer tried to sell me a whole new cover.
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    Hypertech or Superchip?

    is there much difference? i can get the superchip a little cheaper. having trouble seperating facts from hype.
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    more power

    Lookin to dial up the power on my 08 Frontier. been shoppin C.A.I.s and tuners. any info would be appreciated. so far im leaning toward an Airraid intake ($220) and a Hypertech tuner ($320ish) on also, can someone tell me about the intake manifold spacer i read about? thanks