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    can the 2016 frontier carry this?

    Im looking at a camper shell. 1250 lbs dry, but I expect to have 250 lbs of gear in it. and 4 people. I know the 1000 limit is pretty conservative, and the 16 frontier was pretty beefed up (did they not use the same components for the pathfinder) but what is your opinion on this overload. keep...
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    how often do you c hange your oil?

    Ive just started using mobil 1 full synthetic, and I do tow from time to time. Id like to think I could change every 7,500 miles from now on. Does this sound about right? do you guys stick with the service manual like the bible, or realize that reality rules? If I feel like the last 5k have been...
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    So any advice for having fun in the sand at the beach or is that a big No No!?

    unless its PACKED - stay away. Ive pushed many a stuck 2x4 and 4x4's out. all it takes is to go to far into the soft stuff, and you will dig a hole. also, you will get sand in places that tiny rocks should NOT be. sand gets everywhere.
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    50 miles an hour for the first 500 miles...

    seriously? I know. the book says that. but: Im towing a 2,500 lb popup. this may be a question for a Nissan factory mechanic, but buddy, Ill get run OFF I95 if I go 50 mph. if its that important, Ill take backroads, and take a few more days off of work, at great personal and financial...
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    roof racks. they look cool...but

    I just got a 2014 frontier. Ive wanted one since the frontier came out all those years ago...but anyway...that's another story. I know I cant get a yellow one..but I miss the roof racks. Id like to get one, but I want to know...are there any uses for them? If I could find 5 good reasons to buy...
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    Brake Controllers. Hard to install?

    I have a RELIANT brake controller. its pretty new, has the harness and all. I need to install it in my 2014 frontier - with the tow package. the uhaul dealer is trying to charge me 140 for the install. this seems ridiculous. has anyone installed one? Im of moderate skill electrically. I could...