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    Found A really good Fab shop up in the PNW

    I just got back from Franklin's VW Werks and man-oh-man does this guy do some fantastic work. He specializes in full custom VWs and from what I saw --seems like an up and coming Fabricator up here in the NW. He does full Custom VWs, Narrowed Beams, Race/Street Motors, Exhaust Systems, Disk...
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    Seattle Meet

    Wow, nobody from the Pacific NW up in the spot? I guess I'll start with an announcement brought over from ClubFrontier. This is the annual Golden Gardens meet in Seattle. Golden Gardens 2008: Sunday, March 30th. - Northwest Nissans ... hp?t=67247...
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    Hey, hey!

    As per Miss Supercharged_shift, I am now a member over here. some of you may know me as igbar over on I have a SuperDuper Black (Heavily pinstriped--involuntary pinstriping BTW) 2005 Frontier, SE 4X4 6sp. 100% OEM (including the oil) j/k :) see y'all 'round the boards!