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    What's up guys?

    (And girls!) :D I know, I'm terrible for not showing up for a long time... focus has been divided onto other things. First thing, sad news, I traded in the Fronty. Went to the "darkside" as my old man says and bought an F150. I factory ordered it about 5 weeks ago so I'm still driving...
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    First snowfall

    Yup, I figured it was going to happen pretty quick. I took a pic, but you can't tell that it's snow.
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    eglaisi's new Yamaha!

    2008 Yamaha TT-R230X 4-Stroke 223cc single cylinder, single carb Electric Start long travel suspension Pirelli Tires, 21" rim in front 18" out back Looking forward to some fun times! :D :D
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    Hardbody wheelin pics

    Thursday evening (5-6pm) we got the trucks ready. I did a torsion bar adjustment, changed oil, and checked everything. Got rolling and headed to the gas station in town to fuel up for our 3hr ride to the lake. On the way to the gas station, my front brakes seized up and started smoking...
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    Bought a Patrol today!

    Didn't even kid myself by saying "I'm just going to take a look at it" :smt042 I came prepared to buy! 1966 Nissan Patrol 4spd manual, 4WD P40 Gas 4.0L Inline six. 145hp and 240ft/lbs of TQ :smt003 2200mm wheelbase (86.6") Warn 8000lb winch, custom crane attachment 16" wheels with...
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    So bought a trailer today

    Tired of renting a car trailer from UHaul every time I wanted to move my junk around so was hunting for a car hauler on craigslist for a while. Apparently good things come to those who wait cause I found this gem last week: 2006 Double A trailer. Mid Deck Extra Wide Dove Tail. Perfect car...
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    My dream truck

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    "Service Engine Soon" light came on

    So today I went to work in the morning as usual, everything's fine. Leave work to go home for lunch, still fine. I decide to run the truck through the automatic carwash since the temps are finally above freezing and the truck is filthy. So I'm in the car wash with the engine off... the...
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    Happy New Year!

    :smt031 :smt031 :smt031 :smt031 :smt069 :smt038 :smt041 :dance: :smt118 :smt117 :flag: :smt109 :smt110 :smt006 :smt048 :smt003 :smt080 :smt081 :smt082 Happy New Year to all the friends I have made here at the spot. I wish you all the best in 2009! :smt039
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    Hawaii Pics

    Just got back from my week in Hawaii this morning. Left there last night at 11:50pm and got in here at 7:00 (2hrs time change in there). Pretty good week, rained only one day. Here's the pics... there's tons so I'm uploading only a few at a time. First day we were there we decided to go to...
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    My 'new' Hardbody!

    Well, got the paperwork transferred over and such and brought the new child home. Sad to see the Pathfinder go, it was a good truck... but it's time to give this one the TLC it deserves. It's had a really hard life. I've known the past 2 owners of it and they never took care of it. I don't...
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    Found some more mud

    Had to wash the truck anyway today, so I figured I may as well get it really dirty first. Found this nice little mud hole play area kind of thing a couple weeks ago. Tires are awesome! The big puddle in the pictures came up to the bottom of the doors and the tires kept scooping out the mud...
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    VS VS I pretty much know what ones I'm gonna get, but I'm just interested in what the majority thinks. Balage says it's unfair, being AT vs MT... but I don't care! :smt019 :smt003
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    My new ride!

    Picked it up this morning, intending to buy it as a parts bike for my dad's bike. However, when we looked at what it actually was (seller wasn't quite sure), we kind of decided to restore it. It's a fairly uncommon bike; sort of a racing version of a Honda Shadow, which is what my dad's bike...
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    Weird startup problem

    So I have a weird problem in the Fronty when I go to startup. It acts as though the battery is dead when you turn the key to start. Then the gauges go freaky-deaky. First they go all the way counterclockwise (like into negatives), then they flicker around until you turn the key to off. Even...
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    110 mpg! ... -perfe.php
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    2011 Nissan "Ram Titan "

    Well, Nissan and Chrysler officially announced it. . . I took this blurb from Four Wheeler magazine (just the summary) "Built by Chrysler, on Ram platform with unique Nissan sheet metal. May or may not use Titan name. Uses the Ram's coil-sprung rear suspension. Wider engine selection...
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    My Pathfinder (lotsa pics)

    1991 WD21 4x4 5speed Manual V6 3.0L FI Aurora plug wires Optima yellowtop K&N air filter New muffler and tailpipe (long story :smt002 ) Cragar soft 8 chrome wheels Toyo 31x10.5x15 Open Countries Before: During: Done: (for today anyway) Barely clears The crucial testing chapter...
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    New Lift Pictures

    Got the back lift done today. First off, let me say how much I hate leaf springs! :smt013 It woulda been okay if there were longer u-bolts as part of the package from PRG. Thats probably my only complaint. Now to the good... got it done without breaking anything (on the truck at least)...
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    BC 4x4 `LOTS OF PICS`

    Me and whistlerwzrd did a little adventuring in our neck of the woods... heres what we found: