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    Mid-America Photography Symposium 2015

    Registration for the Mid-America Photography Symposium is now open for May 16th and 17th 2015 in Eureka Springs, AR.  This is the premier photography education opportunity in the Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri area with representatives from Canon, Tamron, Westcott, TetherTools and...
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    Mid-America Photo Symposium

    FYI for any in Oklahoma/Arkansas/Missouri/Kansas area and have an interest in photography. Join us May 14-15, 2011 for the biennial Mid-America Photography Symposium in historic Eureka Springs, Arkansas. MAPSym features photographers from around the nation leading workshops and sessions. In...
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    Xoskel 2nd Gen Frontier Bumper Mouth Bracket Install

    I started out by removing the grill following these instructions. Next I removed the retaining clips from the bracket and slid it into place from the driver's side opening in the bumper mouth resulting in the below arrangement. Bottom View Unbolted Top View Unbolted Then I...
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    Login Error

    Rebuilt my home system so I'm having to log in again, and am getting the following SQL error. MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue. SQL Error: 1054 - Unknown column 'remember' in 'field list' Query: SELECT...
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    Beast of a Plane

    Stumbled across this last night, can't say I've ever seen it before. Anyone recognize it?
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    Sheep gives birth to human faced lamb
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    California Police Chiefs Association calls for Microstamping Study
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    You WILL unionize whether or not you want too.
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    Obama Nation Billboard
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    My Other Job is Gonna be on TV

    In the falls I work Jr High and HS football games, and tonight's game against Jefferson City, Missouri just happens to be on TV on the CBS College Sports network. Check it out if you're a fan of football and don't have other plans.[hr] Forgot to list the start time, 8PM Eastern/7PM Central
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    Daniel Hannan MEP: The devalued Prime Minister of a devalued

    I sure wish someone, anyone in our federal government had the balls, the gumption to do the same to the Obamesiah.
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    New Expression Courtesy of the Speaker of the House

    NEW WORD FOR YOUR VOCABULARY Years ago when I sometimes used unsavory language, I often used the expression "Bull Sh**." As I grew up a bit and discovered it was not necessary to use such crude language, that expression became "BS" or, in the military, "Bravo Sierra" Q. What did I really mean...
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    WSJ's take on Obama & Economy
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    67% Say They Could Do A Better Job On The Economy... ... n_congress When it comes to the nation's economic issues, 67% of U.S. voters have more confidence in their own judgment than they do in the average member of Congress. Forty-four percent (44%) voters also think a group of people selected at random...
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    Greetings from Hog Country

    New guy here from northwest Arkansas. Got a 2007 Frontier SE that has had a short but wild life thus far having had a tree land on it last October. As a result of insurance not totaling it, it's been at the body shop since November (a lot of the time spent waiting for parts to arrive) but...