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  1. crash77

    cool pic

    I saw this the other day when I was kicking ice out of my wheel wells and couldn't resist taking a pic. Not something you see everyday. [attachment=2894]
  2. crash77

    How to make a bracket for a Nissan 7 pin tow harness

    Hey all. I was mis informed and did not buy the factory tow package because I thought the bed extender wouldn't work with the bakflip cover I wanted. So now, I have already bought a Curt hitch and the Nissan tow harness and lo and behold, when I read the directions, I find out that the...
  3. crash77

    Bender Nissan, Clovis, NM

    These guys have been great!! I had a salesman that kept me in the loop all the way through my ordering process, and I did the actual ordering and some updates with one of the owners. Everyone there is great, and they even matched the USAA pricing, even though they aren't in the network. I...
  4. crash77

    looking for a bed extender

    Anybody got a utili track bed extender they would be willing to part with?
  5. crash77

    My truck is finally here!!

    My truck arrived on Friday afternoon. I have been working 12s all weekend, and tomorrow, so I haven't had too much time to play with it or get pics, but I will get some posted as soon as I can. The sales manager was going crazy when it arrived on the truck at the dealership. It is the first...
  6. crash77

    evaporative emissions question

    A guy I work with has an '05 CC frontier and for the last several tanks of fuel, after he fills it up, the check engine light comes on. I thought it might be an evaporative emissions system malfunction. I said the cap might be leaking, buy he said that if he fills it up and then unhooks the...
  7. crash77

    long time, no write

    Hey All, I have been busy and have neglected the forum of late, but I wanted to post some very good news. Back in Aug I ordered a new '12 Frontier. I had to order it to get a manual, so I built it as close to my perfect truck as I could. I wanted the luxury package for the power leather...
  8. crash77


    Hello all, I just signed up on this forum yesterday. I am Air Force, stationed in New Mexico. I am shopping for a new truck and had my heart set on a new tacoma, but events have conspired against me. I have been looking at the tacomas since last october, but decided that I had better see...