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    300,000 mile Frontier Review!

    Enjoy! (Not my truck) :D
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    Frontier turns over 500,000 miles

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    Frontier plus 2 Xterras and a Pathfinder in Snow

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    Frontier still gets rave reviews!!!
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    My trip to the Chernobyl Radiation Exclusion Zone

    Sorry been gone so long. been on travels.. About the "Zone": There are 2 zones. the 30 km control zone which rarely has significant radiation levels and IMO could/should be opened back up to human habitation. I had my dose rate meter with me and it read above 0.30 micro Sieverts only...
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    Review Level III Container System Jerry Cans

    [attachment=3230] This is my review of the 5 gallon (20L) Level III Container Group Jerry Can. I did a lot of research before I bought, because I only wanted a high quality unit. I knew I may mount them on my roof rack SHTF and I didnt want gas to be leaking onto the truck. I had some...
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    My review of the SUV version of the Frontier

    I bought my 2015 Xterra with 500 miles on it. I expect 90% of this to apply to the 2015 Frontier PRO4X as well. Put on 900 miles of my own now. A mix of mostly city and hiway but also some dirt roads and some short not-so-roads stretches. First a few general remarks. – The Xterra is...
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    Pics of my Truck in the "wild"

    [attachment=3219] [attachment=3218] STEEP DOWNHILL [attachment=3220] [attachment=3221] [attachment=3222] [attachment=3223]
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    What is the weak spot in our suspensions?

    To my horror I discovered that my 2015 Xterra only has a payload of 882 lbs! Nissan's press kit calls it 970 lbs, the same as for a 2015 PRO X frontier. Even 970 lbs is too small for a vehicles advertised as a tough Safari type vehicles and is offered with a roof rack ( which implies it will...
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    Is there a fuel can thats flat enough it fits in the basket?

    Is there a fuel can thats flat enough it fits into the ventilator basket on top of a PRO4X :)
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    My new 2015 Truck!!

    I wanted to post pics for eveyrone to see of my new Truck. I was shopping hard between the Frontier and the SUV version of the Frontier the XTerra.  ;) Thank you to Mike aka mdawg for all his help!!  :shy: Frontyspot rocks!   :D An now without further ado here are the pics:
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    Who can help me contrast the Frontier vs the Xterra?

    I know the Xterra is very much the SUV version of the Frontier. But I am curious who had opportunity to drive them both frequently. Does the longer wheelbase of the Frontier make it much more hiway friendly? Does the shorter body of the Xterra make it much more city friendly? The...
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    Transmission Temp gauge

    I read somewhere these trucks come with a tranny temp gauge. Is it optional? Is it true? Only some models or? Thanks :)
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    Anyone know when the Frontier Diesel is coming?

    Anyone know when the Frontier Diesel is coming? :)
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    Has anyone ever tried something like this?

    To extend range on a Frontier? :)