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    Recent road trip

    Been a while guys. Beware of guys with goofy posts. I took my daughter and her friend to my parents recently. What was a 2 day trip turned into a spontaneous 5 day trip around Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. Thought I would share. 405 noth bound somewhere around Long Beach. Suckers...
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    2012 Nissan Titan And Frontier Get New Appearance Packages

    Despite getting long in the tooth, Nissan isn't giving up on its stalwart F-Alpha pickups just yet. For 2012 the now almost seven-year-old trucks have been injected with a bit of new life, thanks to a pair of quite comprehensive appearance packages. The full-size Titan, the so-called Sport...
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    SS brake lines for the Lil guy

    How to soon... New slotted rotors n Hawk lts pads too. All made a huge difference on my Titan...
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    Pappy Boyington..

    I told yall I met him in the late 80's. I found the book but still cant find the pic. I was wearing white tennis shorts and a yellow Izod polo shirt. lol Robert Conrad in Baa Baa Black Sheep The book and his signature.... The day he signed this he was drinkin a Pabst Blue Ribbon...
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    4 cyl Diesel for the Titan

    Wonder what kind of numbers it will put down. Mike, you were holding out on us.
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    US forces kill Osama Bin Laden and Hitler takes the news pretty hard

    One of my employees (Berkely grad) has done many of these. This is one of his best. Thanks Blake! LMFAO :smt005
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    Things I miss about cars in the old days..

    Tons of room in the engine bay. Most fixes were under $10 and you could do them yourself without a computer. A hood you could sit on and chill without denting it. Headlight highbeam button on the floorboard, wing windows (loved them).. Im sure ill think of more. I suppose the older you are...
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    Things from your childhood your kids will never experience

    Riding in the bed of a pickup truck Ding Dong Ditch Walking down the street with a loaded shotgun to go shooting in the orchards An entertainment console with a black and white magnavox tv, remote was a cord with a button that actually turned the station dial, only had 4 viewable...
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    Joe Nichols video, For Mdawg

    Great song. Mike, Marcus is in the intro. BTW via facebook I have talked to him. Genuine fella... Okie, et al.... READ THE BOOK!
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    Get some!

    Love this chit! Take that mofo! 30 Mikes down range........
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    Happy Birfday BL!

    Brandon, hope you had a great day brudda! :)
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    English language in 24 accents

    This guy is effin Good.. NWS, language.
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    My buddy Mike..

    A couple of times a year I take all my knives to his house to get sharpened, He has all the best toys. Most I cannot mention. Ive known Mike for 21 years, He has always been an employee of mine from Manager, Supervisor, Driver etc.... We always seem to get transfered to the same warehouse...
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    Dogs love trucks....

    Haha, Dogs love trucks! Love this. Nissan should bring it back for the Titan.. Zippy Gimger
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    Do you like P-51 Mustangs?

    Check this out! Love it!
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    Gauge pods!

    Might be old news but here is an A-pillar pod and a dash pod for Frontiers. I wish they made a dash pod for Titans... Here are mine.
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    Socal meet. Ocotillo wells / Anza Borrego....

    An old meet (11/3/06) but never did post this here. This was before the fronty got traction bars and a super charger. Good times! Camp We could have taken the highway to Ocotillo wells but SD_Frontier took us took us the scenic route and hour drive down a wash...
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    Coverking seat covers

    Got them from Chose Black/Charcoal. I like the results. I opted not to put the black cover on the fold down arm rest in the back seat. I was worn out and in was going to be a pain in the arse. As with my Titan very impressed with the fit/look. Before: After...
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    Hitler parodies.. Christmas etc..

    There are numerous parodies like this out there but these 2 were done by an employee of mine. Enjoy!
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    Michael Monsoor.. Medal of honor.. Finally

    His marker is here at Ft. Rosecrans... This pic is from one of my past threads. MASTER-AT-ARMS SECOND CLASS (SEA, AIR AND LAND) MICHAEL A. MONSOOR UNITED STATES NAVY For service as set forth in the following CITATION: FOR CONSPICUOUS GALLANTRY AND INTREPIDITY AT THE RISK OF...