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    Do You Think Green?

    Just wondering what if anything you do to try and think green? For my family I just changed out a bunch of our old light bulbs to the new "green" bulbs, thinking about carpooling with my wife in the mornings and riding my bike home after work about 15-20 mile ride. We recycle as much as we can...
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    Bike Rack For Truck Bed

    I am looking for a bike rack that can go in the back of my truck from one side of the bed to the other, the one where you take off the front tire. I think it's made by Thule and it's called the "Bed Rider" Anyone have one laying around they don't use any more?
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    Air Freshner

    I am just wondering what everybody uses to keep their trucks smellin good? I have tried everything (lil trees, oils, sprays etc.) but can't seem to find anything that works for more than a couple days.
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    Exterior Black Plastic Parts

    P have an 06 XE with the butt ugly black plastic front bumper. I use armor all on all of my exterior plastic and tires but it seems like a day or two later the black plastic is back to faded ugly black. Can anyone recommend a good exterior plastic cleaner/polish? Thanks in advance.
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    Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

    We have seven AKC registered puppies left out of twelve. These are some really sweet lil pups $550.00 for males and $650.00 for females. If anyone is interested please let me know. We are in Poway Ca. Thank you.[attachment=2][attachment=0]
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    New to Site

    Hello, I live in San Diego and own an 06 XE.