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  1. J

    Audio project

    I got to see some of the nice mods in the other audio post. Since it was October since the last post to the thred I decided to start a new one. I have a few pics of the work done so far. Here is the added stuff: Front door Boston acoustic S95(3) these are still working, but will replace...
  2. J

    Hello all I am back

    Sorry for the time out, had to get work moving the right direction. The economy has hit many of my friends and family negatively. I hope everyone is doing well here at this site. Happy holidays and new year!! Here's to looking forward to a great new year!
  3. J

    HID conversions

    Pics? I did mine, found a company to work with. Check out the site 5000k white light. No purple or blue just good lighting. I had to change the beam a little. If you want more info please send me a pm or email. 1year warranty on the bulbs and ballasts. No...
  4. J

    Installed new lights

    I didn't detail the actual work but most of you already know how to install some lights. What I did do is take a few pics of the truck though so you can check it out. Here is the switch....just under the ignition.
  5. J

    Air bag lights

    Driving to work yesterday I ran over what seemed to me as a pebble, it was less then a bump. Any who, as I was going left thru a intersection, the same one I have been traveling for 2.5 years. My passenger airbag light came on and the driver light in the dash started flashing. Took it to the...
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    Gas prices, holidays, Xbox360, GH3, conan the barbarian

    :smt020 Christmas music in the air :smt020 Long lines, cool gadgets, new furry earmuffs, spouses crying cause you won't buy the 5k diamond tennis bracelet, or new 60inch plasma, and secretly I dream of buying the SC kit from Stillen, sounds of the drone coming from the dual exhaust in my...
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    Dual exhaust project

    I just ordered my start up kit from Banks... ... 51799b58b4 Unfortunately they don't make this dual all the way back I called them up and had them send me everything EXCEPT the muffler and tail pipe. They sent me the parts for $215.00 including...