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  1. Sandiegan05fronty

    VDC/Slip Light

    My VDC and Slip Light comes on when driving and stays on.....Not every time, but has done it a couple of times. I turn off the ignition, and turn it to the right a few times, and the lights go out... Strange...
  2. Sandiegan05fronty

    Wings over Gillespie Field~2011

    Went to our annual local airshow, AMAZING!~ Hope you enjoy! [hr] [hr] [hr] [hr] [hr]
  3. Sandiegan05fronty

    Amazing WW II-Pics

    Orginally from Gray Ghost 2.5 SL...I just helped him post. Amazing WWII Aircraft Facts No matter how one looks at it, these are incredible statistics. Aside from the figures on aircraft, consider this statement from the article: On average 6600 American service men died per MONTH...
  4. Sandiegan05fronty

    Broken stud & Parking Brake

    Took my truck to Discount Tires last week to get a tire fixed(had a slow leak), and change out another one with my spare. I had one tire that was pretty bald......Well, they messed up the order, and switched out the wrong tire...No big deal, they fixed that. They also rotated my tires, didnt ask...
  5. Sandiegan05fronty

    Nissan wins NYC taxi contract

    GREAT news for Nissan..... A van designed by Japan's Nissan Motor won New York's 10-year contract to build the next generation of taxis for the city, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced on Tuesday. The other two finalists in bids for the contract were...
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    Old Plymouth

    This car is parked over at our storage. Anyone know the year???
  7. Sandiegan05fronty

    Funny Sign

    I went to my local McDonald's yesterday day, and they had this sign posted, I found it amusing.
  8. Sandiegan05fronty

    Nissan Frontier Recalls-by NHTSA

    I came across this article, and wanted to share...hope it hasn't already been posted.
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    That time of the year, I lost interest last year in my Padre's...Hopefully, they will do better this year. If you are into MLB, which is your favorite team?
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    Which season is your favorite?
  11. Sandiegan05fronty

    Congrads mdawg4x4

    Congrads mdawg4x4 on Admin! Well deserved!! :) Think it is time to change the homepage to the new admin! It says.... "Welcome to, a Nissan Frontier Forum and hopefully your favorite spot for Nissan Frontier news, information, and discussion. Feel free to PM myself...
  12. Sandiegan05fronty

    Calculators for Mobile Phones

    I have this bookmarked on my cell phone. I have used it a couple of times. I used the Grocery Price Calculator under Financial Calculators. Hope someone else finds it helpful. :)
  13. Sandiegan05fronty

    Trade-in Old electronics

    Hubby ordered something from crutchfield and there was a paper on trading in all your old electronics for $. Has anyone used it? Website:
  14. Sandiegan05fronty

    GForce Performance Chip Kit

    Gain up to 60 HP, 4-7 MPG's, Well, anyone have a comment?? website:
  15. Sandiegan05fronty

    Vertical Doors~~Titan

    Went to a mini Titan meet on Sunday. I forgot the good camara so the crappy cell phone pics will have to do. :P
  16. Sandiegan05fronty

    Mission Bay

    A few pics from my cell phone from our trip around Mission Bay.
  17. Sandiegan05fronty

    Federal Jury Duty

    Yipeee, I'm on call for the whole month of Aug. for Federal Jury duty. Lucky me! I tried to get out of it claiming financial Hardship, etc, but they don't care. :( I don't have to show up unless told to. I have to start calling them Aug. 1st and a recording will tell me either to call back...
  18. Sandiegan05fronty

    Lil Digger

    Went out to lunch today and this pulled up. It is soooo cute. :)
  19. Sandiegan05fronty

    Deadlist Catch~~Phil Harris~~Died

    Wow, I just heard that Captain Phil Harris has passed on. He was captain of the Cornelia Marie fishing boat featured on Deadlist Catch.
  20. Sandiegan05fronty

    The Storm is going to hit Florida~

    Someone posted this on facebook.........and I love it!! GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!