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  1. Sandiegan05fronty


    Hola.......nice looking truck, ;)
  2. Sandiegan05fronty

    Just found this frontyspot

    Hola........welcome to frontyspot!
  3. Sandiegan05fronty

    FRONTIER colors, which is best?

    Ummmm, the super fast color isn't included.......which is storm gray! So no vote from Mr, ;)
  4. Sandiegan05fronty

    100,000 miles

    Lol, I'm still at 50 something.
  5. Sandiegan05fronty

    Fall 2011

    my truck is in line after yours! lol Its been beautiful here, and nice and cool at night.
  6. Sandiegan05fronty


    Post up some pictures when you get a chance!
  7. Sandiegan05fronty

    The Help

    I love going to the movies, but its gotta so darn expensive. I also like going to the drive-in, fun to lay in the back of the truck! :-)
  8. Sandiegan05fronty

    long time, no write

    That is very exciting!!
  9. Sandiegan05fronty

    XD Addict Wheels in Black

    Holy Crap..........that looks GREAT!!!
  10. Sandiegan05fronty


    HI and welcome aboard!
  11. Sandiegan05fronty

    Orange Beach AL

    Awesome!!!!! I love looking at your having fun?
  12. Sandiegan05fronty

    Orange Beach AL

    I wish it would rain a little more here, but you can keep the thunder and lightening. Enjoy your trip!
  13. Sandiegan05fronty

    Random Pics.....

    Wow, some amazing pictures!
  14. Sandiegan05fronty

    Woodstock, Vermont

    I got me some new wallpaper, :-)
  15. Sandiegan05fronty

    VDC/Slip Light

    nah, im not ready to give it up just yet.....but you will be the first phone call I make when im ready. lol [hr] after i turn off the truck, and turn the key to the right a few times, and back to the turns it off.....thought I read that somewhere, and I thought problem...
  16. Sandiegan05fronty

    VDC/Slip Light

    My VDC and Slip Light comes on when driving and stays on.....Not every time, but has done it a couple of times. I turn off the ignition, and turn it to the right a few times, and the lights go out... Strange...
  17. Sandiegan05fronty

    Woodstock, Vermont

    WOW, Amazing pictures!!!!
  18. Sandiegan05fronty

    Hello back

    Hi and welcome to Frontyspot. :D and now you have 2 posts, lol
  19. Sandiegan05fronty

    Wings over Gillespie Field~2011

    You betcha! :heart:
  20. Sandiegan05fronty


    :smt045 I think I would lose my butt crack as well!! :smt043