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    New Pathfinder
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    The Chase

    It's cool! :D
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    The German.

    Okie, Mike or anybody, maybe you will enjoy this short movie.
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    NY in color 1941-1942

    Very interesting. I like it.
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    RAF Chinook

    I know some guys here like the flying stuffs. :smt003 Pretty handy
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    25 years ago

    Maybe you remember, maybe you don't, but not the Japan tragedy is the first in the line. And now the nature was cruel, but 25 years ago the homo sapiens(??) was idiot. No excuse.
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    Draw on!

    Great idea! :idea: Beautiful work!
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    Nat Geo Best of 2010

    Enjoy the pics, I think all is amazing!
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    Happy Birthday Krh2!

    Happy Birthday Kev! Have a great day! Here too!;)
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    2011 Nissan Pathfinder and Navara Pickup Facelifted in Europe

    OMG! V6 diesel with 231hp & 405lb-ft in the Navara!:nx
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    VK56 in the GTR

    Nissan is just a year out from entering its giant-killing GT-R supercar into an FIA sanctioned GT1 race, with the company confirming that a race-prepped version will be available for sale to teams competing in the FIA-GT1 class early next year. We will get our first taste of the new car on May...
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    Nissan Wants to Take Small Trucks Back In Time?

    2010 NAIAS: Nissan Wants to Take Small Trucks Back In Time Posted by Mike Levine | January 12, 2010 Nissan is going back to the future, embracing the “basics” of the compact truck segment, with plans to create an inexpensive, functional small truck when the current Frontier midsize pickup...
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    too much page

    In some thread there are plus one page without post, with "The specified thread does not exist" text. just noticed
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    Happy Birthday Krh2!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEV!!!!!!!! :smt006:smt003:smt026:smt041:smt039:smt040:smt113
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    On Dracula's land again

    I was in Transylvania again. It was fantastic! Mud, snow, sunshine, hills...everything. This was one of my best weekend in my life. my english isn't enough to tell so maybe the pics: sad fate: [attachment=2298][attachment=2299] the mitsu and my ford was the band: [attachment=2300]...
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    Shift Avenger!!!!......... Happy Birthday!!!!!

    CARL:smt001S! Have a nice day! Have a Happy Birthday!!!!!!! :cheers:
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    Adventures in Transylvania

    Last weekend i was in Transylvania. First time in my life You know, it's special sad feeling for all Hungarian. this area was part of Hungary until end of the II.ww. The "peace of Trianon" divorced Hungary and more big area. For example Transylvania is part of Romania in this moment. We lost...
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    Happy Birthday Firebreed!

    Happy Birthday Firebreed!:smt038:cheers::smt113 Have a great day!!!:smt001:smt006
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    Adventure in the night

    What I may do as a loyal husband is this only night adventure.:smt002 It's a two day programs, but i just Friday night I was there, the Saturday's competition already I omitted it. Here the „trophy” is the name of the competition. The rules are simple: The competition ~40 mile. The cars...
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    Hat, decals, friendship

    First of all: What you read here, it's just the 50% of my minds. My english isn't enough to write all... i have one frontyspot and one titanspot decal, and i have a Nissan titan hat. how? There is some people in the world, who are charitable , selfness. So simple. Sandi and Krh2! Thank you for...