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  1. mdawg4x4

    Any old timers still around?

    Glad to hear your truck is still holding up well. I sold my Frontier a couple years ago and bought a new Jeep Wrangler, but still stop in from time to time to see if any posts need to be cleaned up. I let BL know he might want to find another Admin, but he said the site didn't require much...
  2. mdawg4x4

    New to Nissan - New to FrontySpot

    1 Dodge, 2 Pontiacs, 3 Jeeps, and 15 Nissans And the 16 Nissan Rogue may get traded for a Jeep Grand Cherokee in the near future.
  3. mdawg4x4

    I'm A newb

    Welcome. You drive a Frontier?
  4. mdawg4x4

    New to Nissan - New to FrontySpot

    Welcome to The Spot. Congrats on the new Frontier. Great truck, although I do not have mine anymore. I do miss it.
  5. mdawg4x4

    new member from TX panhandle w/new frontier

    Welcome to the Frontier world. I had mine for 10yrs before selling and getting a new Jeep.  Still stop in from time to time. Manual Frontiers are rare and a manual PRO4X is really hard to find. It's really slow here on Frontyspot. It was originally started for a few older gentlemen that aren't...
  6. mdawg4x4

    2015 Frontier radio woes

    Glad to hear Nissan stood behind it. And sorry to be so late seeing this. Just not here very often anymore. Mostly to catch spammers every once in a while.
  7. mdawg4x4

    2015 Frontier radio woes

    Factory radio I presume. Antenna wire not connected perhaps.
  8. mdawg4x4

    Annoying Noise Brand New Frontier

    Sorry, now that I'm not in a Frontier, I'm not around much anymore. Is it always the same pitch? Can you tell what side of the vehicle it is from. Tape can be helpful.  Try running it along the edge of the windshield to see if it goes away. Then try the edge where the doors meet the windshield...
  9. mdawg4x4

    code interpatation?

    No CEL?
  10. mdawg4x4

    New Lift Pictures

    I agree completely! I deleted all my Photobucket pictures before canceling my account. The advertising on PB had got to the point I had to look at some add for every click I made on their site. It had become very frustrating. Maybe they did me a favor!
  11. mdawg4x4

    Hello from Reno

    I guess better late than never. Not having my Frontier anymore, I am not around much. Congrats on the Frontier. My son still has his 2003 KC 4X4, but rolling it a few years back, is slowly turning it into an offroad rig.
  12. mdawg4x4

    Frontier plus 2 Xterras and a Pathfinder in Snow

    WOW! That was so beautiful! Was this you, or were you with them?
  13. mdawg4x4

    New Forum Layout

    E-main me when you are ready for a new Titan?
  14. mdawg4x4

    New Forum Layout

    Looks like BLWedge created a new layout. Really clean. I like it.
  15. mdawg4x4

    Walker Muffler

    You are looking for direct bolt in replacement I assume. I'v always just gone down to the local muffler shop and had them replace my mufflers. But, then again, I didn't replace them with stock ones. I had a Flowmaster 40 put on my 4.0L Jeep and it sounded great, but when I put the same kind of...
  16. mdawg4x4

    2008 4x4 Frontier known issues?

    I had my 2006 for ~120,000 miles before selling it last late 2016.  I never had any problems, but my truck came with a transmission cooler. I didn't get the trailer tow package and don't know if that was a part of the NISMO package or not, but it did have one on it from the factory. If yours...
  17. mdawg4x4

    2001 kingcab 4cyl/auto 115,000 mi; 2007 kingcab 6cyl/auto 85,000 mi.

    I have a buddy that special ordered a 2008, I think it was, with no AC, no carpet, no radio, and no power windows.  They were far and few between, but the dealer finally found one for him. Could it still be done in 2011? Possibly, but I cannot confirm.
  18. mdawg4x4

    New Lift Pictures

    Most pictures were probably hosted by Photobucket.  Photobucket decided to start charging a large sum of money to use their site to 3rd party host pictures that are posted on forums like this.  Most people including myself refused to pay the money. I even deleted all my pictures from their site...