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    VK Swap for the avenger

    I looked in local yunk yards and online auction sites but was unable to find a donor 04-12 Titan/Armada/QX56 with low enough miles for my needs I was able to find an engine from a 2008 Titan with 67k miles with the help of Duncan Mills. I also got the ECU and wiring harness. Make sure to get the...
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    VK Swap for the avenger

    After 200k faithful miles and multiple track passes it has come time to upgrade. I started having pressure issues with the VQ40 and an exhaust leak of oil I looked into new engines but for the price I decided to do a VK56 swap. Nissan does not make my model truck anymore and since manual...
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    2006 4.0 Oil pressure sensor

    You need a OEM one. I had a similar issue and that fixed it.
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    New Frontier in 2020

    If you like the current style you only have a couple of years before the supposed switch
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    Frontier For Tall Drivers???

    The only thing I have heard from taller drivers is to make sure not to get the sunroof as it takes away headroom but you should be fine. Test drive one and see.
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    I'm A newb

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    What's up from southern Cali!

    Welcome to the SPot
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    Any old timers still around?

    I still come around from time to time. I am at about 200k on mine and drive it daily still.
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    Oil and filter advice needed please

    Pretty basic but a pain to remove the oil filter. I owned a 97 and 98. I used to use 10W40 back then and standard filter. I changed the oil religiously every  3k
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    300,000 mile Frontier Review!

    I  am 200,000 and still blowing the doors of other cars and trucks
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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New year

    I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The Frontier is still going strong at 160k and many memories. Next year she will be training a new driver in the house and she will eventually become his truck. I am starting my search but everything keeps bringing me back...
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    Happy New Frontier Guy...

    Nice find. Welcome to the Spot.
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    Ignition Key Chewed Up

    Yes likely one of the tumblers is stuck inside when you put the key in. Is it difficult to insert/remove the key? Easy fix might be to put a small amount of WD40 on the key and insert and remove it a few time to lubricate the inside or if you wan to do it dry, pain the key with pencil and the...
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    Newbie from KS

    Welcome to the SPOT
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    Newbie from New York

    Welcome to the SPOT
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    Hello from Houston !

    Welcome to the SPOT
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    Wheels/Rims, Tires, adapters, & bolt patterns HELP!

    I would recommend going back to stocks. You can get some from recent or older models.