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    Rear camera: bumper vs license frame

    Was it hard to install?
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    vq40de first gen fronti swap

    Any update on the truck?
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    New Frontier in 2020

    Nice design!
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    Nismo CAI

    How is it? Does the CAI improve your truck's horsepower and fuel efficiency?
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    The Flaming Marshmallow is now sporting a solid axle.

    What size are those tires?
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    La Queen Cab

    Nice truck. What size are those tires?
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    Mdawg's 67 Patrol.

    The patrol looks awesome.
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    Trip to Colorado (Pic heavy)

    I can't see the pics anymore.
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    Frontier Camo Wraps

    Never liked camo wraps too.
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    Lift kit already here

    What brand of Lift Kit did you go for?
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    Where is everyone from?

    I am based in Manassas, Virginia but I am often out of the country for work.
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    What does everyone do for a living?

    I am an IT consultant for various multinational firms.