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    went on a splurge!!!

    just installed, a wrp ims, wrp tbs, new K&N CAI, pulse plugs, and a cortex 91 performance tune, holy crap what a diffrence, 2 weeks from now im getting a LSD, obx headers and possibly a new exhaust!!!!
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    wtb wrp ims, psp

    wtb a wrp ims or psp
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    whinning noise

    i have a horrible whinning noise that sounds like a supercharger spooling every time i accelrate then take my foot of the gas and coast all you hear is the whinning very loud then quiter and quiter as the rpms drop, i also have a squeking noise comming from my rear right end also when...
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    SuperChip Tuner!

    SUPERCHIP IS AMAZING!!!!!! instant throttle response, amazing power, got to 100 in no time, watch out n/a 1/4mile record
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    does wrp still exist?

    im getting 2000 back on my tax return and figure id go wild on parts for my abused parts neglected fronty. i wrote and email to wrp about purchasing everything hes got and posibly having him try fitting a short throw shift kit when i go over to his shop but its been 3 days and no reply back i...
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    Buy back my Truck

    i got very good payments on my truck now but i dont know how relevant it is considering the se kc is considerbly cheaper then the le cc
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    Buy back my Truck

    i got that letter 3 times so i sold them back my 2004 pathfinder then sold them back my 2005 frontier cc le, but im not gonna sell my current kc se
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    Mount Washington Hike Pics from 2003 (56K Warning!!)

    wow you got lucky it was beutiful up there, when i hiked it the 3 times in my life i was caught in snow storms in late august!!!! and couldnt see nothing off of the peak, the thing i hate the most about mt washington is that you could bust your as backpacking up the mountain drenched from the...
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    New Presidential limo

    with all this liberalism going around he should be in a fuel efficent cheap cobalt
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    New 1/4 mile record---14.37 @ 95.72mph !!!!

    quick question if you wanted to run slicks on the frontier can you keep the stock tires and wheels on the front?
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    superchip released cortex programmer for our trucks

    yea it can record as well as the g tech can, and if my g tech was true then i would have the fastest n/a fronty with a 14.5 1/4 mile
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    WTG Chargers!!!!!!

    yea but the giants are so much better go big blue 8-1!
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    What if.....

    fj cruiser
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    What did you study in school?

    criminal justice, and legal studies